Flexible Work Guidelines

The University of Arizona must always be appropriately staffed to effectively pursue our educational mission. In recognition of the wide range of professional responsibilities and duties required of University employees, there may be circumstances in which a flexible work arrangement can be implemented.

Overview of Flexible Work Considerations

Flexible work arrangements and needs may vary depending on the position, employee, and needs of the unit. Please consider the following definitions and logistical items to get started.

Types of Flexible Work

Flexible Schedules

A flexible schedule is one that allows an employee to vary or use alternate start and end times and/or workdays on an ongoing or indefinite basis.


A flexplace refers to an alternate work location (Outside of a University building or office) within the state of Arizona.

Temporary modified work conditions

Temporary modified work conditions are those that resulted specifically as a response to the University’s required modified operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They may include flexible schedules and flexplace as well as on-site safety protocols or changes to position duties.

Considerations Overview

equipment and technology needs

Please review Information Technology's Working Remotely FAQ and Technologies for Working Remotely webpages.

  • Consider computer, internet access, essential software (e.g., VPN, Instant Messaging, Outlook), phone forwarding.

  • Use of personal equipment vs. University equipment. If the former, ensure essential software is installed and functioning. If the latter, document University equipment to be taken home using the Certification Statement For Off-Campus Location Use of Equipment (PDF).

  • Required information security procedures, including no storage of information on home devices.

  • Applications to be used for storing and sharing information with coworkers (e.g., specified Box folders).

  • Expenses eligible for reimbursement, if any.

Expectations and procedures

  • Work hours and procedures for documenting productivity.

  • Expectations for remaining in contact with coworkers during work hours (e.g., instant messaging apps).

  • Responsibility and process for setting up remote meetings.

  • Documented agreements.







Guidelines and Agreement Template

Before initiating a flexible work arrangement, please review the following guidance. In addition, please obtain your department's or unit’s emergency Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and emergency communication process.

Please contact Human Resources for more information.

Email Human Resources