The University may establish relationships with designated organizations that support the University’s mission through regular and sustained effort. These guidelines describe the qualifications for individuals from these organizations to be designated as Associate Partners.


Associates: Individuals who are not students or employees, and who are regularly engaged in activities that directly support the University’s teaching and research mission. Associates serve the University in many ways, including by providing vital professional expertise.

Associate Partners: Individuals who directly contribute service to the academic or research mission of the University. These individuals have a defined leadership role codified in a contract that includes supervising University employees, leading blocks, or conducting research on the University’s behalf.  Associate Partners are distinguished from Affiliate Partners by the fact that Associate Partners do not have assignments covered by an agreement affording contractual affiliate status to their organization by the Office of the Provost.


Associate Partners meet the following criteria:

  • The Associate Partner is an individual for whom the University is purchasing a specific FTE as defined in a contract.
  • The contract is an arms-length transaction and the compensation received for providing service to the University is consistent with either fair market value or the rate at which the University would typically employ the individual.
  • The contract includes a specific title, an FTE appointment of not less than .2, a compensation rate, a description of job duties/expectations, and a specific appointment period (typically one year with an option to renew).

Associate Partners fill roles in which they

  • lead a team composed of UA employees, students, Associates, and others.
  • have discretion to design, direct, and modify the key elements of a program under the supervision or oversight of a UA employee.
  • have a physical work presence within UA space and a need for access to tools, resources, and services typically provided to UA employees.
  • engage in activities that will commit the University financially, including but not limited to purchasing goods and services for University use, developing new programs or executing existing programs, and other such activities.
  • manage and supervise UA employee(s), including conducting employee performance appraisals/evaluations, making hiring decisions, and/or making recommendations about continued employment.

College or Unit Responsibilities for Associate Partners

In utilizing the services of an Associate Partner, a college or unit will

  • bear all responsibility for Associate Partners and any costs they incur.
  • provide appropriate oversight of Associate Partners.
  • implement appropriate controls to ensure proper stewardship and utilization of the UA resources afforded to Associate Partners.
  • renew the Associate Partner relationship annually if the Associate Partner’s services are consistent with continued University needs.