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Sick Time FAQs

General Questions

Am I eligible for a paid sick time balance pay-out upon my separation of employment?

Since paid sick time is a privilege, not an earned right, no accumulated paid sick time compensation is paid out in the event that an employee is discharged, dismissed, resigns, or dies. If separation of employment is due to retirement, or you are an ORP participant, please contact Human Resources at (520) 621-3660 for information that pertains to your case.

Am I able to use paid sick time during a UA recognized holiday?

If a holiday falls within a period of approved paid sick time, this time off is charged as a holiday, not as paid sick time.

My aunt lives nearby and is incapacitated due to an illness/injury. May I use paid sick time to assist her?

Caring for your aunt does not meet the criteria defined in the policy. This situation may be considered under the vacation policy.

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