New to the UA

Welcome to the University of Arizona - a great place to work! The University is nationally recognized for outstanding teaching, innovative research, and far-reaching service. The following resources can help you transition into your new position here at UA. 

New to the University:


This checklist can help you keep track of your orientation process.


Links to the main University calendars, important service units on campus, information about law enforcement access to campus, and advocacy or specific interest organizations.


A page of information about your available benefits.


Learn about your orientation options,
find dates for upcoming sessions, and enroll.


Here's a list of the various compliance trainings you should complete as a new employee.


Information of interest to faculty, including instructional and research support, faculty development and advancement, faculty organizations, and more.


Here's a list of commonly used abbreviations and terms on campus.

New to Arizona:


UA contracts with Above & Beyond to provide free relocation support services. For a referral to this service, contact your hiring department.


If you’re moving from out of state, the Arizona Department of Revenue provides information regarding individual income tax.  


Arizona boasts a culturally-diverse community that's rich in natural beauty. Discover its variety of family-friendly resources and recreational opportunities.


To change your driver’s license or register a vehicle, visit the Arizona Department of Transportation.


An employee UA NetID is your personal identifier for a number of online services at the University. The UA NetID verifies your identity when you use many of the online services the University of Arizona provides. This ensures the privacy of personal information and restricts the use of resources to those for whom they are intended. The UA NetID also consolidates the disparate authentication mechanisms of various UA on-line services, replacing several unique identifiers with a common one.Go to the UA NetID website to create your NetID and to learn more.

Some of the services requiring a NetID include e-mail and UITS computing accounts; web applications (UAccess); university-site-licensed software, and UITS computer labs.

  • E-mail and UITS computing accounts (CatMail, UAConnect, HPC)
  • UAccess applications (Student, Employee, Analytics, etc.)
  • D2L – a web-based course management system used in 700+ courses on campus
  • New Employee Resources and Benefits Enrollment
  • University site-licensed software
  • OSCR computer labs

University Information Technology Services (UITS) provides free email accounts to UA affiliates. This is the official means of communication between the university and you. Your email is automatically created when you create your NetID: [yournetid] For more information, see or call the help desk at (520) 626-TECH.

The Division of Human Resources offers the UA Welcome & Benefits Orientation in the University Services Building monthly (additional sessions may be offered during peak hiring times). Your department representative can enroll you in a session by following the link.

In accordance with A.R.S. 15-1823, all University employees are electronically assigned an Employee Identification (EID) number when hiring documents have been reviewed and processed through the appropriate University service units. You will use the EID as your personal identifier for University business systems and transactions. You will receive written notification of your EID through your home department three or four days after your hiring paperwork is received and processed through the Workforce Systems.

Verify with your supervisor or hiring authority that you are either a limited benefits-eligible employee as defined by the Arizona Department of Administration (i.e., continuous employment for 90 days at .50 FTE or greater) or a fully benefits eligible employee (i.e., continuous employment for six months or longer at 20 hours per week (.50 FTE) or greater. A complete list and description of plans and programs available to benefits-eligible employees can be accessed in the Benefits section.

After you review the benefits information, choose one of the benefits enrollment options below. Note: Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, Disability, and Flexible Spending plans require enrollment within 30 days of your official hire/start date.

Option 1: Review the information provided in your benefits packet and the Human Resources website. Follow the instructions for online enrollment. At the time of enrollment, you will need your UA NetID and your password to access the online benefits enrollment system.

Option 2: Review the information in your benefits packet and attend an "Understanding Your Benefits" session. Your department should register you for a session no later than one week from your hire date to ensure that you will meet the thirty (30)-day enrollment deadlines. Bring your Benefits Packet and accompanying worksheet to the session. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions and to access the online benefits enrollment system following the session.

Classified Staff Employees who are or will be scheduled to work at least twenty (20) hours or more per week for a minimum of twenty (20) weeks in a fiscal year, are required by state law to enroll in and contribute to the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS).

If you are a Classified Staff benefits-eligible employee, complete the online ASRS enrollmentwithin 30 days of your hire date.  

Appointed Personnel employees may elect to participate in either the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) or an Optional Retirement Program.

If you are an Appointed Personnel, benefits-eligible employee, select your retirement choice no later than 30 days from your hire date. 

Temporary employees who are or will be scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week for a minimum of 20 weeks in a fiscal year, are required by state law to enroll in and contribute to the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS).

Time Reporting: Submit your employee time record in UAccess > Employee / Manager Self Service > Time > Enter Time. Time records are used to generate your paychecks and should be completed and submitted in a timely and accurate manner.

State-Issued Paychecks: Paychecks take two forms, state warrants and advice of deposits. State warrants are issued by the state and must be cashed by the employee.

Advice of Deposit: You can sign up for direct deposit in UAccess > Employee / Manager Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Direct Deposit. If you sign up for direct deposit, you do not receive a physical notice of pay. Instead, you can view (and print) your paycheck electronically in UAccess.

Paycheck Distribution: Paychecks are distributed to the home department (or posted online in UAccess) every other Friday and represent earnings for the two-week pay period which ended at midnight on the prior Sunday. If the normal payday falls on a University-recognized holiday, paychecks are distributed the workday prior to the holiday. The University will not release paychecks prior to scheduled paydays and cannot issue pay advances of any type.

W-2: The W-2 form represents the taxable income you earned during the calendar year and is required to prepare your income tax returns. W-2 forms for the January 1 through December 31 calendar year are distributed to employees by January 31. You are encouraged to sign up through UAccess to have your W-2 issued electronically.

1095-C: The 1095-C is the form that documents to the IRS that you were offered employer-sponsored health insurance. It likewise is distributed to employees by January 31. You are encouraged to sign up through UAccess to have your 1095-C issued electronically as well (you have do do this separately from the W-2 opt-in).

You should review and confirm that the information on your paycheck is accurate, including the spelling of your name and address, Social Security Number, the amount and type of earnings and pre- and post-tax deductions. If you are a benefits-eligible employee, we encourage you to check your paycheck the pay period following benefits enrollment to ensure that the appropriate amounts are being deducted based on your benefits selections. Report errors or discrepancies immediately to your department business manager.

Paycheck Deductions: Mandatory deductions are subtracted from your gross pay in accordance with federal and state laws. Federal and state tax deductions are based on information completed by on W-4 and A-4 forms.

Mandatory Deductions:

  • Federal Tax: Based on taxable income
  • Additional Federal Tax: Amount indicated by employee in Box 6 of form W-4
  • FICA: percentage of taxable income
  • Retirement : Percentage of gross pay, depend on type of retirement plan
  • State Tax: Based on a percentage of federal tax
  • Long-Term Disability: (ASRS Participants): Percentage of gross pay
  • Court-ordered deductions (e.g., garnishments or child support payments)

Other Deductions: Optional paycheck deductions (i.e., medical insurance, parking permit, etc.), are deducted from your gross pay based the payment conditions of the enrollment or authorization forms you completed. Note: During months when there are three paydays instead of two, only mandatory deductions are taken from the third paycheck.

You must have a current University of Arizona CatCard before requesting University-issued keys. You must also have a key request form signed by the authorized key signer. Policies and procedures for key issuance can be accessed here.

The Key Desk is located at 1533 E. Helen St. Bldg 155J; (520) 621-1612; 

University buildings are being fitted or retrofitted with keyless access on exterior doors and certain controlled access areas. Your departmental business manager will arrange to have your CatCard activated for buildings and areas you are authorized to enter. Your access code is the last 4 digits of your Employee ID. University buildings are normally unlocked from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. After-hours access with require keyless access entry.

Go to  Lo Que Pasa is the online source of campus news for UA employees. A summary is automatically distributed to your inbox every alternate Wednesday. UAnnounce is the online memo system. These appear as a sidebar in Lo Que Pasa. UANews has the master calendar and news about the UA designed for public distribution.