About Faculty at the University of Arizona

Role of Appointed Personnel

The appointed personnel of the University of Arizona—faculty members, academic professionals, and administrators—assume the chief responsibility in the University's pursuit of its objectives. Individually, they are expected to demonstrate excellence in discharging their assigned duties and responsibilities in the fundamental areas of teaching, research, and service and in administering the University so as to best achieve its objectives.

Faculty Members

Teaching involves the transmission of knowledge from academic and professional disciplines to successive generations of undergraduate and graduate students. Teachers are responsible for accurately presenting the current state of knowledge in their discipline and for ensuring that students develop an understanding of the subject matter as well as the methods employed by the discipline.

Faculty Governance

Representatives in faculty governance are elected by the General Faculty, or by a constituency within the General Faculty, to serve on the Faculty Senate or on one of several General Faculty Standing Committees.

Office of the Provost

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost oversees all academic programs and units exclusive of the health sciences and supports the academic mission of the University by ensuring the quality  of  academic programs, providing support activities that enhance teaching and learning, and making services available that enable faculty and student involvement in education, research, and creative expression.

Faculty Affairs

Faculty Affairs oversees faculty matters related to professional development, career advancement, and support which include hiring, promotion, annual and five-year reviews, leadership development, and diversity initiatives.

Instructional and Research Support

Resources for Researchers: A list of useful links on the University of Arizona website.

Technologies for Faculty: Get started with software and IT services for instructional and academic use.

Office of Digital Learning: For faculty providing online instruction.

Pivot Funding Opportunities Database

Research Computing Support

UITS Research Computing provides consulting services to faculty, staff, and graduate students in areas that include graphics and scientific visualization, statistical analysis, scientific computing, and workstation support.

Office of Instruction and Assessment

The Office of Instruction and Assessment (OIA) is a campus resource for faculty, all other instructional personnel (including TAs), and researchers at the University of Arizona. The OIA offers support to the University’s teaching community in course development (face-to-face, hybrid and online courses), curriculum design, program and classroom assessment and evaluation, instructional strategies and learning technologies.

Research, Innovation & Impact

The Research, Innovation, and Impact Office (RII) provides University researchers and students with the tools and resources that they need to be creative. The RII can assist with locating funding, preparing proposals, and complying with guidelines for ethical research.