Your Pay and Benefits While on FML

Use of Paid Time during FML

FML is unpaid. But if you have available paid time (e.g., vacation, sick, or compensatory time; or paid parental leave) it will run concurrently with your FML. You must use that paid time while on FML. As long as you are using paid time, you will continue receiving paychecks. If you do not have paid sick, vacation, compensatory, or parental leave time available, you may qualify for Compassionate Transfer of Leave.

If you are on FML for your own serious health condition and have short-term disability insurance, you should apply for those benefits as well.

Benefits Coverage While on FML

While you are receiving paychecks during FML, your benefit premium deductions continue.

If your pay ends, you can decline all benefits, suspend selected benefits to reduce costs or continue all benefits. You will be billed directly for the employee premiums on any benefits you continue. To reduce or waive benefits while you are in unpaid status, submit a Qualified Life Event form to Human Resources.

When you return to work in a paid status, you can reinstate any suspended benefits by submitting another Qualified Life Event form to Human Resources. You must do this within 31 days of returning to work.


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