Your Responsibilities While on FML

Staying in touch. Ongoing communication will make the FML process run much more smoothly. It is important that you provide periodic updates on your status to your supervisor, including your plan and estimated date to return to work. Your supervisor or human resources representative can ask for this information. He/she can also ask for recertification from your doctor or your family member’s doctor that a serious illness is still ongoing.

Recertifying your leave. If the circumstances of your leave change, or if you require an extension of your leave, you will need to complete and submit a new Employee Request for Family and Medical Leave form.

Extending your leave. If you require additional leave from work beyond your FML entitlement, discuss this with your supervisor. You may request to use any remaining paid time balance or request an unpaid leave, subject to approval by your supervisor, department, or responsible administrator.

Requesting an accommodation. Following FML you may feel that you require a reasonable accommodation for a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This could include an extension of leave or modification of your work. Please discuss this with your supervisor. You should make a request for reasonable accommodation through the University’s Disability Resource Center as soon as you believe you may need an accommodation.

Providing a fitness-for-duty certification. If the leave was for your own serious health condition, you may be required to provide a fitness for duty certification when you return to work. This requirement will be indicated on your Designation Notice.

Checklist: Making FML or Parental Leave Go Smoothly (PDF)

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