New Health Reimbursement Arrangement for Gender-Affirming Surgery and Fertility Treatments

March 2, 2023

The University of Arizona is establishing a Health Reimbursement Arrangement to assist University employees with out-of-pocket expenses related to gender-affirming surgery and fertility treatments that are excluded by the state health plans.

HRAs are employer-funded health benefits used to reimburse employees, tax-free, for certain healthcare expenses.

Gender-Affirming Surgery

$10,000 maximum | Tax free
Per-person lifetime benefit

Fertility Treatment

$2,500 maximum | Tax free
One-time household benefit

Effective Date: Jan. 1, 2023. Services received before this date are not eligible.

Who is Eligible: HRA funds may be claimed for services provided to employees or dependents enrolled in the Arizona Department of Administration's High-Deductible Health Plan or Triple Choice Plan.

Enrollees in the HDHP must first exhaust their annual deductible before being eligible for HRA funds. Remember, services not covered by the state health plan do not count toward the deductible.

HRA Administrator: Navia Benefit Solutions.

Eligible services: For information and questions about the HRA, please send an email to HR Solutions at

How To Use

Updated – March 2

  1. Receive services on or after Jan. 1, 2023.

  2. Pay for the service out of pocket and receive an invoice from the provider that shows date of service, procedure or service provider, and amount paid for the service. 

  3. You will also need one of the following: 

    • An explanation of benefits from the insurance company showing a denial of service

    • A pre-authorization letter from the insurance company denying the coverage of service

    • A letter from the provider stating that the procedure was not run through insurance (fertility only)

  4. Send an email to HR Solutions at expressing your desire to use the HRA.

  5. A Human Resources representative will contact you with instructions on how to confidentially submit your claim along with your documentation.

Do you need more assistance?

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