Leaving the UA

There are many ways to leave the University of Arizona.  If you are leaving, there are some important things to know. This page will help you navigate these changes and make the most of the new opportunities they create. 

Remember: Before your last day, log in to UAccess Employee and check your Personal Information Summary to ensure your contact information is up-to-date. 


Oldtimer with old couple driving in retirement

Retirement marks a significant and exciting transition in life - from the daily grind of work to the freedom of making your own schedule. Although transitions can be challenging, we will help you confidently manage this change so you can retire from UA on your own terms and enjoy every moment of it.

Learn how to Retire from the UA

Reduction in Force/Nonrenewal/Voluntary

How Separation Affects Your Benefits

When you leave your University position for any reason, including resignation, layoff, termination, or nonrenewal of contract, you may have questions about your health benefits, retirement plans, accrued sick and vacation leave, qualified tuition reduction, email accounts, and other benefits.

Applying for Internal University Position

University Staff who are laid off are still eligible to apply for internal-only University positions. If you obtain another benefits-eligible position within the University prior to your separation effective date, you can be transferred to the new position immediately.

Outplacement Services

Professional Development Strategies

The outplacement firm Professional Development Strategies supports employees affected by reductions in force, nonrenewals, or career transitions. Outplacement firms provide career transition services to help you identify and land new employment. 

Sometimes, a department may agree to pay for outplacement services when an employee is laid off or nonrenewed. Individual University employees may also contact these vendors directly and pay out-of-pocket. If you identify yourself as a University employee, you can receive the University's contracted rate.

Representative: John Singer
Phone: 520-395-0574

PDS is a local Tucson firm specializing in one-on-one, personalized service and crafting a customized resume. They have global capability, but their network focuses on Arizona, New Mexico, and eastern California. Service packages range from one-day workshops (groups only) to 30, 60, 90, or 180 days of weekly consultations with unlimited consultant access.

Visit the PSD Website

State and County Resources

State and county governments offer career support that you may be eligible for. Please review the following resources available to you.

Unemployment Insurance

You may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Contact the Department of Economic Security (DES) Employment Security Administration offices to learn more or apply.

Or, if in Tucson,
: 520-791-2722

View the Arizona Unemployment Insurance Information (PDF).

Career Search Resources

Pima County one-stop career centers provide reemployment services, including job search assistance, career counseling, skills workshops, resume and interview practice, unemployment insurance information, use of computers and other office equipment, and library resources.

Resources for Employees

It is normal for job changes to cause stress and anxiety. The University offers support options for employees to help navigate this period. Please reach out for more information.

Resources for Difficult Times

Links to community and state-wide resources that may be helpful in navigating challenges. ´╗┐These links are for informational purposes only.


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