Notice of Appointment (Faculty/Appointed) FAQs

All appointed employees will receive a Notice of Appointment (NOA) or Notice of Reappointment (NOR) for their employment at the University of Arizona.

Frequently Asked Questions

The NOA/NOR is a contract that gives appointed personnel an expectation of employment for a specific period, and specifies appointment(s) and compensation for that specific period only.

  • Academic Professionals
  • Administrators
  • Faculty
  • Postdoctoral Scholars
  • Service Professionals

An NOA is issued to new hires, as well as to employees receiving a title change, compensation change, or promotion. An NOR is primarily issued to current employees at the start of the fiscal or academic year or when their position has been renewed for an additional period of time. Both documents serve as a contract for the employee and the University.

Newly hired appointed employees will receive their NOA soon after their new hire request is approved. 

Current appointed employees receive NOAs or NORs at least annually every fiscal or academic year and following certain job changes such as promotions or transfers.  Appointments may be for an academic year, a fiscal year, or a portion of such academic or fiscal year.

College/Division Contract Approvers for the appointed employee’s home department generates and reviews NOAs and NORs.  The College/Division representative then sends NOAs/NORs to the applicable Department Contract Approver for review and release to appointed employees.

Appointed employees will review and accept their NOA or NOR in UAccess Employee at by going to their UA Employee Main Homepage and clicking on their  Contracts tile, then click on 'View Contract', and then 'Accept'.

Contact your department business office for assistance.  They can research the issue and submit a correction to HR Workforce Systems if needed.

In accordance with Arizona Board of Regents Policy Chapter VI and the Handbook for Appointed Personnel 2.06.01, appointed employees must sign and accept their NOAs/NORs within the following timeframes after their NOA/NOR is posted in UAccess:

Fiscal Appointments = 14 calendar days

Academic Appointments = 30 calendar days

Resources for College/Division/Department Representatives

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