Search Firm Specialties and Pricing

This page contains comprehensive information on the services and pricing offered by search firms under contract with the University of Arizona. We have noted the pricing tiers for each firm so you can better understand your financial commitment.

$ - scalable searches offering options under 20% of salary

$$ - under 30%, offering discounts or flat fee pricing options

$$$ - 30%

$$$$ - 33%

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With nearly 10 years of experience leading executive search, Jennifer Muller founded ACES following her success in creating the executive search business for Academic Keys. ACES was developed to provide a more precise, flexible search model with a full suite of support services for candidates.

Higher education is the sole practice of Academic Career & Executive Search. They source candidates in the most challenging and difficult-to-fill areas. Their proven methodologies extract the critical information necessary to develop accurate profiles and source candidates ideally suited for positions and aligned with the mission of the institution. Their research skills and extensive vetting practices find both active and passive candidates, ensuring they are qualified to succeed by examining their experience, background, qualifications, and soft skills.

Their real value is time and price:

  1. They get your position in front of more candidates faster.
  2. Their searches are priced at nearly half those of conventional search firms. They achieve this by concentrating on core activities that only add value to your search.
  3. They work with you until your searches are filled. You must be satisfied.

Pricing Structure

  • Flat fee based on search type chosen
  • No additional monthly, research, administrative, or hourly/per diem fees other than direct reimbursement for expenses
  • 60% of fee payable upon contract signing; 30% upon presentation of candidates on paper; final 10% due upon candidate acceptance
  • If a hired candidate is discharged for cause within 12 months, the firm will conduct a replacement search for expenses only

Enhanced Search: $38,000: The firm’s most comprehensive level of service. Academic Career & Executive Search is involved in every step of the search process, from candidate profile development to delivery of vetted candidates. The firm assists and coordinates throughout the candidate review and interview process, including background and reference checks on finalists. The firm is also available to assist in the candidate negotiation process.

Full Search: $35,000: Strips away services that can be handled by the institution, including interview coordination and background and reference checks. Support is provided in the most critical areas, from candidate profile development through delivery of vetted candidates, including salary analysis, job description assistance, recruitment, research, and candidate vetting. The firm is also available to assist in the candidate negotiation process.

Candidate Generator Plus: $23,000: An economical service casting a wide-net sourcing of active and passive candidates. Academic Career & Executive Search keeps searching until you’re satisfied, saving you thousands in wasted ad spending. The search committee reviews qualified candidates, shortlists semi-finalists and begins first round interviews.

Interim Search: $13,900–$19,900: The interim search service finds qualified candidates to fill your temporary hiring needs. Academic Career & Executive Search works closely with you to align the skills and characteristics of their interim candidates to your needs. The firm continually recruits and renews their interim pools to assure access to fresh, top talent. ACES provides the flexibility to hire your interim placement full time.


Jennifer Muller, Managing Partner and Senior Search Consultant 
PO Box 370485
West Hartford, CT 06137-0485

For more than four decades, Academic Search has offered executive search services to higher education institutions, associations, and related organizations. Academic Search was founded by higher education leaders on the principle that we provide the most value to partner institutions by combining best practices with our deep knowledge and experience. Our mission today is to enhance institutional capacity by providing outstanding executive recruitment services, executive coaching, and transition support, in partnership with our parent organization, the American Academic Leadership Institute.

We organize, manage, and inform a search process that is customized to the particular and unique needs of each of our partner institutions. We have designed a professional search model that is thorough and effective and offers expert advisement and counsel at each stage of the search process. We also understand that a successful search does not end at the identification, selection, and announcement of the appointee, and offer integrated assistance through our Executive Coaching Practice and Transition and Onboarding services. The highest percentage of searches performed by Academic Search are for presidents/chancellors or cabinet officers, and for top academic leadership at the dean level. Primary disciplines for which services are engaged are administration and academic administration, business and finance, advancement, student affairs, admissions and enrollment, diversity and inclusion, and general counsel, library administration, and other professional positions. Within academic leadership, searches for decanal-level personnel in education, business, arts and humanities, and STEM disciplines including nursing and other healthcare areas form the bulk of the firm’s services.

Pricing Structure

  • First two searches per year: 30% of hired candidate’s initial annual salary, minimum of $45,000
  • Third and subsequent searches: 28% of hired candidate’s initial annual salary, minimum of $45,000
  • No additional administrative fees, other than direct reimbursement of expenses
  • If hire resigns or is discharged within 12 months, will conduct a replacement search for $10,000 administrative fee plus expenses (search must commence within 3 months of vacancy)

Shawn Hartman, Chief Operating Officer
1015 18th St. NW, Ste. 510
Washington, DC 20036

With the mission of advancing higher education leadership, AGB offers executive search, interim search, and compensation analysis.

Executive Search AGB Search assists colleges, universities, and systems to identify diverse, highly qualified candidate pools that are thoroughly vetted to ensure that our clients may confidently select their next leader. We leverage our expertise and relationships in the industry to find the top candidates for every position. We take great care to understand each institution’s vision for its new leader and create a search plan to identify the strongest candidates for the position. We conduct comprehensive pre-search meetings and research, extensive outreach to our networks, and deep vetting of the candidate pool. Our team also provides needed support during the interview process, as well as through the appointment of the new leader.

Interim Search AGB Search assists colleges, universities, and systems to quickly secure the services of experienced, well-qualified interim leaders for any cabinet-level position to allow institutions to continue to operate during their leadership transition. We have a large pool of carefully evaluated individuals—including recently retired or later career professionals—who are prepared to step in quickly. As a national search firm assisting 80–90 searches each year, we reach out through our extensive networks to quickly identify other appropriate candidates, and we leverage our database of vetted candidates interested in interim appointments. AGB Search has filled positions for every level of management, including president/chancellor, executive vice president/COO, chief academic officer/provost, and vice presidents in a variety of functional areas. Every institution has unique needs, and we tailor the process to best serve each client.

Pricing Structure

  • Minimum fee: $60,000
  • 3% cost reduction for AGB member institutions (ABOR is one)
  • No additional fees except reimbursed expenses
  • Billed in 4 installments: 30, 60, and 90 days and appointment of successful candidate
  • Will continue search for up to 12 months
  • If hire resigns or is discharged within 12 months, will conduct a replacement search for expenses only (search must commence within 3 months of vacancy)
  • Pricing structure will be determined by proposed position salary and type of search


Dr. Roderick J. McDavis
1133 20th St NW, Ste. 300
Washington, DC 20036

The team at Anthem Executive has worked together for more than a decade and comes with a combined 80+ years’ experience in the search industry. Our services encompass the full array of leadership roles in higher education and related academic, administrative, research, and academic medicine environments, including board, chancellor, president, provost, dean, faculty chair, and all functional executive and director level roles on the financial/administrative spectrum. In addition to our work in academia, we have extensive experience in academic healthcare. We have led national searches on behalf of some of the nation’s largest and most successful colleges and universities, systems, and academic health organizations.

Anthem Executive provides a search process and candidate assessment tools and resources that effectively focus the search committee members on the task at hand, and not on political distractions. Clients do not expect search partners to rely on intuition, but to put candidates through their paces, push them against the core competencies of the role, assess their fit with the organization and reveal the true nature of the person behind the CV. Our partners are effective in doing just that. Additionally, we purposely limit our practice to a select group of strategic clients to dramatically minimize “off limits/non-compete” issues, allowing our firm to access top tier talent in institutions where other firms simply cannot. Our ability to deliver unusually strong, diverse candidate pools—often comprised of individuals of such high caliber that the client never dreamed they could hope to attract—has a tendency to soften the political leanings of committee members and bring together the decision makers in support of a stellar, inspirational, transformational top-tier candidate.

Pricing Structure

  • 30% of hired candidate’s first-year compensation
  • 12% administrative fee, billed at search launch
  • Billed in 3 installments: at search launch, 30 days after search launch, and 60 days after search launch
  • Expenses billed bimonthly
  • Willing to discuss flat-fee pricing
  • If hire resigns or is discharged within 12 months, will conduct a replacement search for expenses only (guarantee may be extended to 18 or 24 months)

Michael Ballew, cofounder
5223 Norborne Lane
Spring, TX 77380

Education Executives specializes in the identification, recruitment, and mentorship of senior leaders for comprehensive research universities, academic medical centers, and scientific entities.

Pricing Structure

  • 33.33% of hired candidate’s total first year compensation
  • $9,000 administrative fee
  • Expenses billed directly
  • Billed in 3 installments: at search launch, 30 days after search launch, and 60 days after search launch
  • If hire resigns or is discharged within 6 months, will conduct a replacement search of up to 3 months for expenses only

Ilene H. Nagel, Ph.D., MLS, Founder, President & Consultant, Education Executives
2120 Forge Rd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

At Another Source, our model doesn’t fit inside a box—and neither do you. Another Source is driven to provide better talent to our clients, better opportunities to job seekers in every region we work, by understanding your unique story and brand so that we can deliver the best possible recruiting outcomes for your team. Since our founding, we’ve worked to replace the overpriced “headhunter” model with a recruiting and staffing model that’s equitable, honest, and customer-centric.

All recruitment efforts at Another Source are inclusive; at our core we believe that diverse teams create the most productive teams. Our daily practices exemplify our commitment to the outreach and engagement of inclusive talent pools. Another Source’s Commitment to Dismantling Systemic Inequality in Recruiting.

Pricing Structure

  • Flat fee includes expenses
  • 80% refund if services discontinued after 30 days
  • Pricing structure will be determined by proposed position salary and type of search. Pricing ranges from $5,500 to $9,200.

Taylor Rieckens, Business Development Director
95 S. Jackson St., Ste. 100
Seattle WA 98104

Greenwood/Asher & Associates, Inc. (G/A&A) is a retained, full-service executive search, consulting, and training firm. It was founded in 2004 by Jan Greenwood and Betty Asher. In addition to our corporate headquarters in Florida, our executive search consultants are located strategically around the United States including metro D.C. Drs. Jan Greenwood and Betty Asher, along with the G/A&A consultants and associates, bring both an awareness and understanding of the needs of higher education and the ability to reach out nationally and internationally to identify appropriate candidates. We have approximately 35 team members who have completed over 2,000 searches. G/A&A consultants take pride in having a high percentage of repeat clients for over two decades. We have built a reputation as being committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our clients have appointed a woman or person of diverse identity in over 57% of our searches. We believe this is the best of all higher education firms. Each of our consultants works on an average of three searches at a time. This workload allows quality service to our clients. Our references speak to our highly personalized services 24/7.

We are known for our national and international outreach, efficient process tailored to your needs, and client and candidate communications. Our executive search approach and methodology meets and exceeds client needs. Our track record of facilitation of successful hires is proof of our rigorous recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process. The hires selected through our facilitation typically, on average, last longer in their positions than the national averages. This attests to our care for our clients and our candidates, our attention to detail, our G/A&A branded processes, our efficient and successful recruiting strategy, and our adherence to our G/A&A Code of Ethics. Our repeat client rate is evidence of our success.

Pricing Structure

  • 33.33% of hired candidate’s total first year compensation, with $60,000 minimum
  • 12% of above professional fee as administrative fee + direct expenses billed
  • Billed in 3 installments: at search launch, 30 days after search launch, and 60 days after search launch
  • If hired candidate is terminated for cause due to reasons the firm should have identified during the search, the original search cost will be applied to replacement search; expenses direct billed


Jan Greenwood, Founder and Vice President
Betty Turner Asher, Founder and Vice President
Susanne Griffin, Vice President & Managing Director

42 Business Centre Dr., Ste. 206
Miramar Beach, FL 32550

For more than 20 years, Helbling & Associates has been providing executive search services to higher education and healthcare institutions, partnering with approximately 140 different entities throughout the country. Our clients include multi-campus higher education systems and community colleges, prominent hospital systems, academic medical centers, and land-grant and high-level research universities. Helbling’s executive search expertise is in the areas of:

  • Facilities Management
  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • Real Estate Development

We provide recruiting services to address hiring needs related to newly created positions, anticipated or pending retirements, growth or reorganization of a department, and vacancies due to general attrition, among other reasons. For our higher education and healthcare clients, we have successfully completed nearly 350 placements of individuals for roles related to:

  • Facilities Management
  • Planning, Design, and Construction
  • Capital Programs
  • Architecture
  • Real Estate / Asset Management
  • Buildings, Grounds, and Maintenance
  • Physical Plant
  • Safety and Security
  • Engineering, Energy, and Utilities
  • Transportation and Parking Services
  • Other associated departments.

Levels of placements include: vice chancellor, assistant vice chancellor, associate vice chancellor, chief facilities officer, vice president, assistant vice president, associate vice president, and director.

Pricing Structure

  • 33.3% of the successful candidate’s first-year’s compensation package
  • 2.5% of professional fee charged monthly for administrative expenses, up to 7.5%; direct expenses billed
  • Billed in 3 installments: one-third on search initiation (nonrefundable), one-third at 45 days, one-third on new hire’s start date
  • If new hire is terminated within first 12 months due to lack of qualifications, Helbling will re-perform the search; other situations discussed on case-by-case basis


Thomas J. Helbling, President
8000 Brooktree Rd., Ste. 100
Wexford, PA 15090
724-935-7500, ext. 103

As one of the country's premier executive search firms, we have more than 38 years of experience in recruiting senior leaders for some of the top visual and performing arts and cultural organizations, academic medical centers, healthcare institutions, foundation, preK-12 education and education improvement organizations, colleges and universities, social justice advocacy groups, conservation and environment organizations, human services providers, and other mission-driven organizations that make a difference in people's lives. Our advancement practice supporting these fields is one of the largest in the country.

Our belief in the power of exceptional leadership and an unwavering commitment to service excellence, integrity, and impact animate our firm. We enjoy a nearly 80 percent returning-client rate; identify and recruit exceptional candidates from a broad range of backgrounds across nonprofit, corporate, and government sectors; and contribute to increasingly diverse leadership in our client organizations with over 58 percent of our placements being women and/or people of color.

Pricing Structure

  • 33.3% of the successful candidate’s first-year’s cash compensation, with $60,000 minimum
  • 11% of retainer charged for administrative expenses
  • Billed in 3 installments: at search launch, 30 days after search launch, and 60 days after search launch
  • Direct expenses billed monthly
  • If hire resigns or is discharged within 12 months, will conduct a replacement search for expenses and administrative fee (search must commence within 3 months of vacancy)

David Bellshaw, Partner
263 Summer St., 7th floor
Boston, MA 02210

Kaye/Bassman was founded in 1981 with a mission to positively impact companies and enhance careers by providing the best in professional, executive, technical and scientific search. Recognized as the ninth largest executive search firm in the country, we focus in healthcare recruiting, higher education recruiting, energy recruiting, insurance recruiting, banking recruiting, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology recruiting, and over 21 other recruiting specialty practice areas. Kaye/Bassman is a Dallas recruiting and search firm providing global recruiting solutions with full range of permanent placement options ranging from retained and/or contingency search.

We’re different from other executive recruiting firms in that we Specialize by functional area, industry sector, position and geographic location; are Flexible in customizing our process, relationship and terms around the unique needs and expectations of our clients; provide an Array of Services ensuring our ability to handle any staffing challenge; and have earned a Track Record of success that enables our clients to gain a competitive advantage and candidates to advance their careers.

Pricing Structure

Category 1, Administrative Leadership Searches (deans, senior associate deans, associate deans, department chairs, chief medical officers, chiefs): minimum flat fee of $50,000 per search, capped at $60,000. The maximum price per search drops by $2,000 per search for up to six (6) searches.

Category 2, Leadership Searches (division/section chiefs, program directors, fellowship directors, clerkship directors, medical directors, directors; Minimum flat fee of $35,000 capped at $45,000. The maximum price per search drops by $2,000 per search for up to six (6) searches.

Category 3, Non-Clinical & Clinical Faculty Searches (executive faculty: minimum flat fee of $29,000 per search capped at $39,000. The maximum price per search drops by $2,000 per search for up to six (6) searches.

Category 4, Executive Leadership Searches (presidents, provosts, vice presidents, executive vice presidents, associate/assistant vice presidents, chief operating officers, officers, executive directors): Set fee of 27.5% of the hired candidate’s first year’s total cash compensation, per executive position, with a minimum fee of $60,000.

  • No administrative fee; direct expenses billed
  • Billed in 3 installments based on deliverables
  • 2% prompt payment discount
  • If hired candidate is terminated for performance-related issues within 12 months, KBIC will conduct replacement search for expenses only (if notified within 5 business days of termination)

Eric Dickerson
5908 Headquarters Dr., Ste. K200
Plano, TX 75024

Keeling & Associates Executive Search is a leader in providing outstanding executive search services in recruiting senior leaders and administrators in student-facing roles within Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, and Health, Counseling and Wellness. K&A has conducted searches for vice presidents, associate/assistant vice presidents, deans of students, executive directors/directors, and other professional staff who lead and support student success outside of the classroom. Through those searches, we have placed exceptional professionals whose leadership, management, ability to create inclusive programs and services, and commitment to meeting students’ needs have resulted in stronger programs and services.

K&A is committed to supporting institutions and higher education in hiring staff who represent the institutional commitment to diversity and inclusion. Through a strong network and proven strategies, the team has been able to provide highly-qualified candidate pools to clients. A hallmark of K&A’s approach is ensuring that communication with candidates and clients is frequent and clear; for candidates, the goal is to engage them in a search process that recognizes their humanity and, regardless of outcome, leaves them with a positive impression of the University.

Pricing Structure

  • $42,500 for any non-physician positions and $58,000 for positions requiring a physician, inclusive of one on-site visit or virtual/remote stakeholder interviews by a member of the K&A team and all other expenses except advertising and candidate travel. (Additional on-site visits at $3,000 per day)
  • No administrative fee
  • Billed in 4 installments: initiation of search, 30 days, 60 days, and search completion
  • If hired candidate resigns or is terminated within 12 months, will conduct replacement search for expenses only
  • 10% discount for multiple searches
  • Will accept payment by P-Card


Jan Walbert, Vice President and Senior Consultant for Executive Search
55 Harry Kemp Way
Provincetown, MA 02657

M3 Executive Search specializes solely in healthcare executive and leadership permanent placement across the United States. We are a boutique firm with high-touch service to customize each search according to the university’s and department’s needs, processes, and culture. Our team has been built upon a foundation of experienced academic and healthcare leaders to work as an extension of the university.

Having M3, Inc., as our parent company, we have unmatched resources to source and identify diverse leaders and executives, both existing and emerging leaders, in clinical, non-clinical, and research settings. We are set apart from other executive firms with a different, unique business model, an academic team of executive recruiting consultants that are former university administrators, and a process that verifies not only educational and training fits but the right cultural fit.

Pricing Structure

  • The lesser of 30% of first-year compensation or flat fee per position
  • Pricing ranges from $45,000 director level positions to $180,000 for School of Medicine dean search.
  • Flat fee of $6,000 for administrative expenses and advertising
  • Travel expenses directly reimbursed
  • Billed in 3 installments: search initiation, day 45, and day 90
  • If hire resigns or is discharged within 12 months, will conduct a replacement search for expenses

Angela Henry
3010 LBJ Freeway, Ste. 1300
Dallas, TX 75234

Myers McRae has more than four decades of experience recruiting exceptionally qualified administrators and faculty for universities, colleges, and higher educational systems nationwide. As a national search firm, we provide the full range of services: developing a search and recruitment strategy; creating professional marketing materials (e.g., position profile); identifying, recruiting, and evaluating candidates; coordinating and facilitating candidate interviews; overseeing candidate vetting; assisting with employment negotiations; providing post-search support; and experienced counsel throughout the search, ensuring the search process is effective and on schedule.

Areas of Specialization: President, provost, vice president (academic affairs, advancement, enrollment management, student affairs, business services, etc.), development officer, dean (all academic disciplines), chief financial officer, general counsel, human resources officer, nursing/medical/pharmacy faculty, cybersecurity/computer science/IT faculty, department chair (all academic disciplines), and more.

Pricing Structure

  • Flat fee structure based on starting salary
    $25,000 starting salary less than $150,000
    $35,000 starting salary from $150,000 to $199,999
    $45,000 starting salary from $200,000 to $249,999
    $55,000 starting salary $250,000 or greater
  • Billed in 3 monthly installments
  • Multiple search discounts available
  • No administrative fees
  • If hire resigns or is discharged within 12 months, will conduct a replacement search for expenses
  • Will accept payment by P-Card

Emily Parker Myers, President & CEO
(478) 747.6432 (cell)
(478) 330.6222 (office)

Kenny Daugherty, President
(478) 747.0528 (cell)

515 Mulberry St., Ste. 200
Macon, GA 31201

Opus Partners is an independent executive search firm founded by consultants who have worked together since 1999. Opus conducts senior-level searches nationally and internationally for clients in higher education and healthcare. Our Clients—universities, colleges, academic medical centers, foundations, and research institutes—advance missions in education, research, patient care, and philanthropy. The mission of Opus Partners, in turn, is to apply the expertise of search consultants with deep experience in a range of leadership and management functions to a concentrated set of clients in our core industry sectors in order to provide a rigorous, transparent, and highly professional recruitment process.

Pricing Structure

  • 30% of first-year compensation
  • Multi-search discount: 28% of compensation if more than 3 searches per year; 25% if more than 5 searches
  • Billed in 3 installments: start of search, 30 or 45 days, and 60 or 90 days
  • 2% early payment discount
  • No administrative fees beyond reimbursable expenses
  • If hire resigns or is discharged within 12 months, will conduct a replacement search for expenses  (must be notified within 30 days of vacancy)

Craig V. Smith, Partner & Co-Founder
1700 Sansom St., Ste. 200
Philadelphia, PA 19103
215-790-1188, ext. 222

The Funk Firm has conducted more than 425 searches for college and university presidents and chancellors alone…and an even greater number of provosts, deans, and various vice presidents. While our clientele encompasses colleges and universities of all types and sizes, we are particularly well known for our work with large public research institutions such as the University of Arizona. We are privileged to have ‘preferred provider’ status with more than 40 universities nationwide.

Pricing Structure

  • 30% of first-year’s compensation; will negotiate flat fee
  • Administrative fee of 10% of professional fee
  • Billed in 3 installments at months 1, 2, and 3
  • If hired candidate leaves within 24 months, will redo search for out-of-pocket and allocated expenses

R. William Funk
2911 Turtle Creek Blvd., Ste. 300
Dallas, TX 75219

SP&A is a privately owned woman and minority executive search firm specializing in and exclusively dedicated to serving the higher education and non-profit sectors. Collectively, our consultants have conducted more than 2,200 senior administrative level searches for higher education clients. Their collaborative approach, dedication to clients, and continual focus on providing the highest quality of service has become their trademark.

The executive search roots and experience base of SP&A are among the most extensive and highly regarded in higher education executive search. Over one-third of all the searches conducted by the firm have been for the positions of president and chancellor and an even larger proportion have been for the wide array of senior officers including: provosts, vice presidents for all functional areas, academic deans, directors and other senior administrators.

Pricing Structure

  • 33.3% of first-year compensation, with $60,000 minimum
  • Willing to negotiate flat fee
  • Administrative fee of 12% of professional fee
  • If hire leaves within 12 months, will conduct replacement search for administrative fee and out-of-pocket expenses only (search must be initiated immediately)

Alberto Pimentel, Managing Partner
6512 Painter Ave.
Whittier CA 90601

Summit Search Solutions is a boutique search firm that has specialized in the higher education sector since 2001. Summit was founded on the belief that search services should adjust to differing needs, situations, budgets, and circumstances. While some searches may very well require comprehensive support, others may benefit from a more streamlined approach focused largely on outreach and building the candidate pool. For that reason, Summit offers a continuum of tiered service options, enabling clients to customize the support they receive to suit their specific needs. Our service models allow for nimbleness and flexibility based on the position, level, needs, and budgetary parameters.

Summit has been a UArizona preferred search partner since 2015. Summit prides itself on our exceptional candidate outreach and our ability to create candidate slates that are high quality and diverse. Every search has a custom sourcing plan that includes proactive diversity outreach strategies. We track our outreach efforts and share metrics with each client. Summit is a certified woman-owned small business.

Pricing Structure

Three service levels:


Project Fee Typically 25% of the selected candidate’s first year base salary. Willing to negotiate fixed fee.
Administrative Fees None
Additional Expenses billed at cost
Guarantee Full guarantee. If the search needs to be redone within the first 12 months, will repeat the search one time on an expenses-only basis (no project fee).

Comprehensive services include:

  • Reference and background checks
  • Offer presentation & negotiation
  • Onboarding planning

Sourcing Plus

Project Fee Usually 18-20% of the starting base salary for the position, typically ranging $25,000–45,000.
Administrative Fees None
Additional Expenses billed at cost
Guarantee If the search needs to be continued or redone within the first 12-months, will charge 50% of the original search fee plus expenses.

Sourcing Plus services include:

  • Semifinalist interviews
  • Selection of finalist
  • Reference and background checks (negotiable)

Sourcing Basic

Project Fee $150/hour or priced as a fixed fee; typical range $12,000–$25,000
Additional Expenses No travel, advertising and posting fees billed back at cost
Guarantee Summit will negotiate additional sourcing at a discounted rate.

Sourcing Basic services include:

  • Recruitment advertising & position postings
  • Prospect research & outreach
  • Semifinalist selection


Carrie Coward, President
P.O. Box 9824
Asheville, NC 28815

Founded in 2002, TowerHunter is a leading national executive search firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our firm specializes in finding executive leaders in healthcare and higher education. Our extensive work in healthcare has included search assignments in organizations such as: academic medical centers; colleges of medicine, nursing and pharmacy; faculty group practices; integrated delivery health systems; health plans. We have also done extensive work in the higher education arena, servicing public, private and nonprofit institutions. We have filled positions at the executive, faculty, administrative and clinical leadership levels. Our firm has vast experience in completing search engagements for complex and difficult to fill positions.

At TowerHunter, we pride ourselves in understanding the unique needs of each academic institution we service. We place a special focus on diversity and the needs and culture of our clients. Additionally, our previous work with numerous Department Chairs and other leaders at The University of Arizona gives us a thorough understanding of the culture of the institution and the various changes that have occurred. TowerHunter is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to the clients we service. Our search consultants are actively involved in all phases of the search.

Pricing Structure

  • 30% of first-year total compensation
  • Administrative fee of $450 per billing cycle
  • Billed in thirds at start of search, presentation of candidates, finalist accepts offer
  • If hire resigns or is discharged within 12 months, will conduct replacement search for expenses only
  • Offers discounted pricing for multiple searches
  • Projects may also be billed hourly ($125–$200/hour)

Scott Smith, Managing Partner
7047 E. Greenway Parkway, Ste. 250
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

As experts in strategic leadership, WittKieffer has cultivated a proven and meaningful approach to executive search throughout our 50-year history, specifically designed for mission-driven organizations that exist to improve the quality of life. Our core clients include those organizations in the higher education, healthcare, academic medicine, life sciences and human services arenas in pursuit of executive leadership. Each year we conduct approximately 200 leadership searches in education and health sciences, more than any other firm.

WittKieffer's education recruitment team identifies leaders who understand complex issues facing public research institutions: resource constraints; shifting national policy; and increased scrutiny by boards, faculty, students and families. Our consultative approach to the academic search process includes specialized expertise, a far-reaching network of contacts and a process tailored to each institution and every individual search. We commonly recruit presidents/chancellors, provosts, academic deans across all disciplines, health sciences and medical school leadership, and officers across all departments, including but not limited to diversity, finance, enrollment, advancement, human resources, student affairs, athletics, information technology and legal/compliance.

Pricing Structure

  • 30% of total first-year compensation
  • $6,500 administrative fee
  • Billed at start of search, 30 days, and 60 days
  • Delay or change in specifications of search may incur additional charges
  • If hire resigns or is discharged within 12 months, will conduct a replacement search for expenses and administrative fee (requires prompt payment of previous invoices and notification within 30 days of vacancy)
  • Optional executive assessment with onboarding: $9,000

Zachary A. Smith, Managing Partner, Education 

Jeffrey Schroetlin, Senior Partner 

2015 Spring Rd., Ste 510
Oak Brook, IL 60523