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Employment & Benefits

Employment Categories 

The University of Arizona employs more than 12,000 people in positions ranging from dean to accountant, from secretary to professor. Employees are designated as either Classified Staff or Appointed Personnel, and each type includes a number of employment categories and designations that determine the conditions of employment for those positions. Learn more.

Appointed Personnel Job Descriptions

Classified Staff Job Descriptions: Note that pay ranges are now given in hourly rates for non-exempt positions and in annualized salary for exempt positions.

Classified Staff Positions and Pay Rates: This alphabetical list of classified staff positions gives corresponding annualized salary and hourly wage ranges. Note: all employment offers for non-exempt employees must be made in hourly terms.

Employment Transaction Requirements

Click here for documentation and procedures required for various types of employment changes, such as special duty, promotion, or reclassification.

Employment Policy Manuals

All policies may be found on

Flexible Work Arrangements

Because UA is committed to being a family-friendly employer, we support employees in negotiating flexible work arrangements that enable them to meet both their work and family responsibilities. Learn more.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)

This comprehensive health-care reform law aims to expand Americans' access to affordable health-care insurance. Learn more about impacts to UA employees.