Workforce Systems Secure Document Upload

Department business representatives:  Use this secure document upload portal to electronically deliver documents to HR Workforce Systems that cannot be provided through UAccess Manager Self Service (e.g., E-Verify confirmation after a new hire transaction is fully approved).


  • Please ensure your uploaded document has a clear file name so that we can match it up to the employee and transaction
  • The file name should include Last Name First Name document type and emplid
  • Example file names:
    • Smith John EVerify - emplid 12345678
    • Smith John I9 doc1 – emplid 12345678
    • Smith John I9 doc2 – emplid 12345678
    • Smith John I9 passport – emplid 12345678
  • You will see a “success” message to confirm the document is uploaded
  • Do not mail or email documents that are uploaded to this location to avoid duplication of efforts
  • If you have questions, please get in touch with us at