Career Streams

The career streams created by UCAP outline career progression at the UA. There are three main streams (see below for definitions of each).

Think of each stream like a ladder, where each rung describes the nature and level of work being performed at that level. Each position is mapped to one of these ladder rungs.

Use these career streams and levels to show the type of work and required skills for positions you can pursue to advance your career.

Manager & Leader (M1 – M7): oversees area of responsibility, plans, prioritizes and/or directs responsibilities of employees and/or manages strategy and policy development for a major UA function. Typically have 3 or more direct reports.

Professional Contributor (PC1 – PC6): oversees the design, implementation or delivery of processes, programs and policies using specialized knowledge or skills typically acquired through advanced education or equivalent advanced learning attained through experience. Typically salaried positions, though entry levels may include hourly jobs.

Organizational Contributor (OC1 – OC4): provides organizational related support or service (administrative or clerical OR operates in a “hands-on” environment in support of daily activities (e.g., technical, craft, etc.). Typically hourly positions.