Job Functions & Families

As first defined by the 2019 University Career Architecture Project (UCAP), all positions within the University of Arizona's career architecture are grouped into 26 broad job functions. The job functions are subdivided into job families.

Select each job function below to view its corresponding job families.

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Provides vision, direction, and organization of academic activities to support, build, and enhance the institution's teaching mission and ensure excellent student outcomes and experiences.

Academic Affairs

Oversees and implements the institution's or college's academic programming and policy approval process.  Reviews and analyzes existing programs to ensure compliance with institutional, state, and federal policies and regulations.

Academic Program Management

Oversees and administers an academic program.  The program may be set up as an independent non-degree granting program. Administers and evaluates the effectiveness of program achievements. May oversee core program components, curricula and/or instruction.  Manages additional administrative functions which may include, budget, human resources and coordination with internal and external stakeholders. 

Global Initiatives 

Advances the global reach of the institution and its students. Advocates for and manages partnerships and programs that promote the University's relationships and brand internationally. Provides advisory, referral, and information services to students, parents, faculty, research scholars, and others interested in study abroad opportunities, as well as work, travel, or volunteer opportunities. Develops, implements, oversees and administers all aspects of immigration-related services, policies, and procedures pertaining to employees, students, and other parties, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. Oversees marketing efforts and cultural programming focused on supporting global activities throughout the University.

Medical Education Programming

Develops, coordinates and implements medical resident programming, simulation training and related programs.

Assist the residents of Arizona by bringing University research and support to Arizona's families to improve their lives, communities and the economy.


Applies principles of plant, soil, and related sciences to the improvement, production, management, and utilization of field crops, pasture and cover crops, turf, and related types of vegetation; to soil and crop management; and to the development and use of weed controls and plant regulators. 


Working collaboratively with faculty, specialists, associates and the community, design and implement educational and informational programs throughout the state.  As the primary outreach arm of the University, develop and conduct programs that meet the needs of individuals and communities across the state.

Involves the performance, coaching, and directing in any of the fine arts including art, acting, dance, music and other forms of artistic expression for the benefit of University students, faculty, staff or the greater communities.  Includes composition, arranging, and choreography, acting and modeling.

Show Production and Administration

Administrative and production aspects of the performing arts, including: performing arts management, administration, and scheduling; facilitating  theatrical productions and film and video presentations; theater management, design, construction, installation and maintenance of theatrical and arts areas including direction, technical support, stage crews, lighting, sound, scenery, rigging, props, projection, multi-media, wardrobe, hair and make-up, and artist hospitality. 

Technical Arts

Supports Faculty and Student work by setting up  and maintaining production environments  in studio or field settings.  Develops, adapts, and builds equipment, procedures, and techniques to fit specific means of fabrication and production.  Operates, maintains, and troubleshoots equipment, instruments, and apparatuses. Manages supply and/or equipment inventories needed for proper facilities function.

Venue Management and Logistics

Performs, coaches, and/or direct in art, acting, dance, music or other artistic expression for the University students, staff, faculty or greater community.

Instills Wildcat pride through world-class athletic programs and innovative recreation offerings.  Provides activities and programs related to coaching, recreational sports, and strength and conditioning.

Adaptive Athletics

Provides a range of accessible options for competitive sport and fitness for adaptive and wheelchair athletes.  Provides activities and programs related to coaching, academic success of student athletes, as well and strength and conditioning.  Maintains equipment for wheelchair and adaptive athletes.

Advancement, Athletics

Builds support for the University Athletics programs and the University as a whole  by cultivating relationships, forging partnerships, and increasing awareness of Athletics at the University.  Stewards strong relationships with key external groups including alumni, donors, the local community and others.

Athletics Administration

Provides oversight and direction for an athletics program, sport, or athletics department function. Manages allocated resources and represents the department within and outside of the institution, as needed, including with regulatory bodies and associations such as the NCAA and PAC 12 conference. 

Compliance, Athletics

Ensures compliance of all athletic programs with NCAA, Conference, and University rules and regulations. Plans, implements, and monitors policies and procedures related to areas including (but not limited to) recruiting, eligibility, awards and benefits, playing and practice seasons, and student-athlete employment. Communicates with, instructs, and advises coaches, staff, student athletes, and representatives of athletic interests.

Equipment Room

Provides support to student athletes, coaches, and sports programs by managing and maintaining required athletic and gymnasium equipment.

Events Management, Athletics    

Plans events and provides event logistics, administration, and game-day management.

Facilities, Athletics

Installs, maintains, repairs, renovates, and directs and manages upkeep of University athletic facilities and equipment. Maintains the cleanliness, sanitation, and appearance of these resources. May have game management responsibilities.

Sports Medicine

Provides injury prevention training and evaluation, as well as management and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. May support different types of athletes or focus on a specific sport or program.

Sports Performance    

Provides physical and mental health care, and plans and directs performance conditioning and strengthening activities for assigned student athletes and specific University teams.

Creates and distributes news and programming that keeps the public engaged, informed, and entertained through audio, video, and written channels.


Market fully produced, enhanced on-air messages or spots for, for-profit or non-profit businesses, governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies, or corporate entities to fund and support public education and entertainment programming. Develop, maintain, grow and re-engage underwriting client relationships. Adhere to federal regulations and provide disclosure of the underwriting entity to not promote its products or services.


Conceives, designs, creates, develops and produces programming and content for a variety of broadcasting platforms and channels.

Media Production

Manages media, digital and audiovisual equipment operations. Installs, maintains and operates public address, audiovisual, digital media, radio broadcasting, radio paging, and other related systems. Includes still and motion picture photography. 


Gathers information and reports it to the public via multimedia communication methods (including but not limited to digital, broadcast or print publication). Follows standards and practices of journalism industry, including fact-based reporting from primary sources of information such as original interviews. Practices editorial independence, edits reports from other people or wire services, compiles and anchors newscasts.

Fosters effective communication between the University and its students, employees, alumni, and the public in order to advance the University's strategic vision. Establishes a compelling brand for the University to ensure its competitive advantage. Oversees in-bound and outbound digital communications, and the development, production, and dissemination of marketing and communications collateral to internal and external constituents. Manages communication efforts and interactions with various media outlets.

Communication Access

Ensures communication access for students and other members of the campus community. Facilitates communication through various industry recognized methods to include converting spoken or written content from one language into another language, spoken content into verbatim transcripts and the simultaneous captioning of events. Compiles information and technical terms into glossaries and terminology databases to be used in translations, relays the style and tone of the original language, and renders spoken messages accurately, quickly, and clearly.


Develops, researches, writes, edits, and/or publishes written materials and strategic communications including publications, articles, proposals, communications plans, speeches, promotional materials and news releases.  Also includes individuals that perform multiple communication functions to promote a college, division or department.

Content Development

Writes, evaluates, reviews, and edits internal and external communications.  Develops and executes editorial projects for a wide range of institution publications.


Markets campus activities, services, or products to external constituents.  Plans, directs, develops, and/or implements marketing campaigns. Campaigns may include but are not limited to digital, print, television, and radio advertising, social media, and direct mailing. Provides marketing expertise regarding advertising media or activity/service/program to be advertised.

Media Relations

Secures media placements that enhance the university's stature. Represents the University to the media, general public, UA campus, potential students, alumni, donors and governmental agencies to create, enhance, and sustain relationships between the institution and external constituencies. Plans and conducts continuous news coverage effort.


Develops and maintains projects and multimedia presentations. Collaborates with other specialists, writers, animators, artists, sound engineers, and programmers to design and implement project ideas and deliverables. Oversees the processing, cataloging, storage, distribution, and duplication of multimedia materials and programs, including video and photography.

University Press

Works in support of scholarly publishing unit with functions including administration and management; development of editorial program through assessment, development, and acquisition of book projects; management of editing, design, and production of books, including copyediting, proofreading, digital file preparation, design, and manufacturing; sales and marketing, including trade sales, direct marketing, publicity and communications, online marketing including production of online content and social media; coordination of exhibits at academic and consumer conferences; advertising; and rights management.

Collects, conserves, and exhibits assets of scientific, historical, cultural and/or artistic value. Plans, develops, and implements museum services, collections, and programs that best serve the institution's community.


Assesses, processes, catalogs, and preserves permanent records and historically valuable documents. Establishes level of care necessary to ensure use and safety of collections. Sets and administers policy to allow campus and public access to documents, including through development printed or digital copies.  

Collections Management

Maintains and manages the collection with regard to records, forms, legal documents, manual and computer files, technical photography and systems associated with acquisition, de-accessioning, lending, borrowing, packing, shipping (international and domestic), inventory, storage customs, and traveling exhibitions. Assures the ethical integrity of the Museum's collection management policies and procedures. Serves as liaison with outside scholars, museum personnel, students, researchers, donors, and the general public by answering requests for information regarding collections and museum policies and procedures. May recommend purchases and solicits gifts for the museum collection, or be involved in outreach to increase awareness and appreciation of collection through educational programs and other professional activities. 


Identifies, treats, preserves, and restores a wide variety of artifacts in the museum's collection, including art, rare books and papers, archival documents, specialty artifacts, and more. Provides full written and photographic documentation including examination, condition reports, treatment proposals, and final treatment reports.  

Cultural Institutions Compliance

Administers and ensures compliance with state and federal laws pertaining to antiquities and/or repatriation. Develops policy and guidelines relevant to implementation of state and federal laws. Curates records related to all legally mandated programs and/or human remains, creating and maintaining databases as needed. Conducts research of records, collections, and photographs. Provides expertise as needed. May coordinate the planning for and managing of repatriation of human remains and associated objects.  


Maintains and manages the collection with regard to records, forms, legal documents, manual and computer files, and systems associated with acquisition, de-accessioning, lending, borrowing, packing, shipping (international and domestic), inventory, storage customs, and traveling exhibitions.  May develop museum collections through research and cataloguing, exhibition installation, organization and administration of loan exhibitions, and development of publications related to the collections. Assures the ethical integrity of the Museum's collection management policies and procedures.  Serves as liaison with outside scholars, museum personnel, students, researchers, donors, and the general public by answering requests for information regarding collections and museum policies and procedures. May recommend purchases and solicits gifts for the museum collection, or be involved in outreach to increase awareness and appreciation of collection through educational programs and other professional activities.


Performs duties related to the design, development, and production of museum exhibitions. Prepares artwork, artifacts, and collections objects for exhibition, including transportation, framing, matting, mount-making, security, and hardware. Builds and designs furniture, fixtures, and interactive elements of exhibitions. Designs and produces labels and graphic elements.  Design exhibition layout with consideration of traffic flow, security, ADA requirements, and lighting. Interfaces with artists, curators, conservators, security staff, UA Facilities Management, exhibit fabrication and print firms, and contractors. Researches ideas and materials for an exhibit, recommends solutions for design problems, and utilizes design techniques to produce desired visual effect and educational message. Installs, de-installs, and maintains exhibitions.

Provides leadership and oversight in support of the University's mission.  Drives strategic direction for major university functions. Leads institution and is responsible for overall performance and success.  Directs long-term strategic planning, and determines the policies and resource allocation needed to achieve institution-wide goals.

Ensures that University's physical spaces and resources serve and inspire those who learn, work, and visit.  Manages planning, design, installation and construction services, operations, and maintenance of the University's physical environment and real estate.  Oversees grounds, equipment, furniture, and basic services that influence the life of the University community.

Campus Planning

Manages the programming / utilization planning, design, development, and disposition of campus properties and facilities, including buildings, infrastructure, and landscape projects. Conducts research on project requirements and prepares information regarding specifications, cost, and timeline. Effectively integrates projects into the existing campus, produces detailed plans, and coordinates the work of contractors.

Design and Construction

Manages upgrades and expansions of University buildings and facilities. Involves capital construction and maintenance of existing facilities. Inspects campus construction projects for conformance to project plans and specifications, applicable codes and standards, policies and procedures, and quality control.     .  

Facilities Management and Services

Installs, maintains, repairs, renovates, and directs and manages upkeep of University buildings and grounds, facilities, and equipment. Maintains the cleanliness, sanitation, health and appearance of the working, living, and recreational environments. Ensures proper waste management by developing and administering processes and procedures.

Plant Operations

Oversees daily activities of operating, repairing, calibrating, and adjusting building systems, including boiler and boiler house equipment. Completes inspections and ensures safe operations through adherence to regulatory requirements.

Real Estate Administration

Manages campus property and real estate including buy / sell strategies and transactions, as well as lease management. 

Skilled Crafts and Trades

Performs day-to-day work in area of technical craft / trade to ensure that production equipment, machinery, or instruments function reliably and safely, and that facilities, buildings, systems (including HVAC), and plants are in good working order.

Discovers, advances, and imparts knowledge. Delivers high-quality instruction to students and/or faculty-in-training and conducts research. May have service or administration duties. (Out of Scope)

Tenure and Non-Tenure Track

Provides part-time and/or full-time instructional and professional services in a classroom setting.


Provides instructional and professional services in a clinical setting.


Provides instructional and professional services in a research setting.

Ensures the University effectively manages, protects, and leverages its financial resources.  Prepares, collects, and interprets financial information, and develops budgets, forecasts and statutory returns. Responsible for various levels of financial reporting for external and internal utilization not limited to federal, state and governing body.


Manages general financial accounting activities to include ledger maintenance, capital and debt management, and commitment, cost and cash accounting. Produces regular, accurate and timely financial reports for internal and external reporting and decision-making purposes. May include activities related to developing, implementing and monitoring accounting systems, policies and procedures.

Accounts Payable

Reviews and disburses non-payroll expenditures to ensure compliance and accurate distribution of University funds. Manages vendor details, ensuring appropriate taxation, reviewing documentation for completeness, and processing reimbursements for a variety of payment reasons,  while complying with state and federal regulations.

Budget and Financial Analysis

Analyzes and prepares recommendations for financial plans, including annual resource allocation, forecasting, and short and long-term financial planning. Conducts ad hoc financial and/or budget analysis for institutional, college, division, and/or departmental decision-making purposes.  Develops, interprets, and implements financial and resource planning systems. Monitors the institution's, college's, division's, and/or department's actual performance against budget, financial targets, and other compliance and achievement metrics. 


Operates institution's student accounts receivable. Manages accurate and timely billing and collection of student receivables, applies financial aid awards to student accounts, and provides for disbursement and tracking of student loan funds. Oversees student accounts receivable, petty cash, and deposits.


Oversees and manages the annual and long-term performance of the institution's assets under management. Analyzes, documents, and makes and implements recommendations for the institution's investment portfolio. 


Prepares accurate and timely payroll for the institution. Maintains payroll records, prepares reports to meet internal and external obligations. Ensures payments comply with legislation or other regulatory instruments, and prepares and distributes pay information to employees.


Manages acquisition of goods and services including equipment acquisition, contracting for services, request for proposals, and the disposition of assets through surplus property process. Strategically uses spend data to optimize negotiated prices.

Delivers quality healthcare services and supports the well-being of employees, students, and community members. Provides healthcare, mental healthcare, health education, wellness programs, and health promotion to the institution and surrounding community.

Behavioral Health

Provides care and services that support mental and emotional well-being for University community members. May address life skills, the treatment of mental illnesses, as well as substance abuse.

Clinical Services

Works with physicians and other medical providers to assess and provide patient care.  Provides support in planning and executing care, which may include performing highly technical tasks according to clinical standards, processes, and procedures.

Health Administration

Directs the institution's health care facility and services. Oversees all medical, administrative, mental health health promotion and preventive services for students, staff, faculty in a student health facility. Manages all medical and behavioral health services including triage, walk-in clinic, outpatient clinics, ancillary services and pharmacy.

Healthcare Providers

Prevents, diagnoses, and treats diseases through services offered by medical and allied health professions. May provide health care services within a particular discipline.


Works with physicians and other medical providers to assess, teach, plan, and provide patient care in a capacity that requires licensure as a Registered Nurse. Ensure the comfort and well-being of patients.


Provides pharmaceutical services to students, staff, faculty, and/or clinical trial subjects in a student health facility. Manages perpetual inventory and narcotic control.

Attracts and engages a diverse dynamic, healthy, and productive workforce through the development and implementation of integrated and effective programs, services, and policies.


Administers the University's benefit programs, including life, health and disability insurance, income continuance, perquisites such as tuition reduction, and pension and other retirement programs. Selects benefits consultants, administrators, and providers; and ensures that the benefits offering remains competitive in the marketplace.


Designs, implements, assesses, and administers the University's compensation programs to ensure that they are competitive, including base salary administration and other supplemental pay programs. Assesses the University's competitive pay positioning; maintains the integrity of the University's salary structure; and recommends compensation budgets and salary increases.

HR Data and Technology

Administers the institution's human resource information system (HRIS), and other related technologies. Maintains accurate and secure employee records. Analyzes and models human resources and related data in order to prepare insights that are used in management's decision-making process.

HR Generalists

Develops, manages, coordinates, administers, and implements the University's human resource strategy so that the University attracts, manages, develops, and retains the employees it needs to achieve its current and future objectives. May serve as an advisor and functional expert on human resources activities, policies and procedures for an assigned college, division, or department. 

Organization Development

Develops and implements training and career development policies and programs. Reviews the University's structures, processes, and long-term plans, implements training and career development programs, designs and manages the University's performance measurement system, plans for leadership and management succession, and conducts employee research.

Talent Acquisition

Develops and implements recruitment and selection strategies for the institution. Administers the institution's TAS and maintains accurate and secure recruitment records. Establishes processes for university wide outreach, affirmative action and EEO compliance efforts.


Develops, administers, and promotes wellness programs and policies for the University's workforce. Develops programs and procedures to support employee wellness, including conducting employee counseling through the employee assistance program. Designs and launches health lifestyle, and work and family campaigns.

Designs, builds, delivers, and maintains technology solutions that enhance research, learning, and operations.   Provides expertise in technology strategy, policies, plans, architecture, deployment and maintenance of  the University's applications, system and hardware infrastructure, security and ongoing end user services.

Applications Development

Designs, develops and modifies computer programs and applications that address the needs and requirements of the University. 

Cloud Computing

Adopts cloud computing technologies, infrastructures and applications to meet the University's needs and requirements. Ensures cloud technologies are fully integrated into the University's infrastructures.

Computer Operations

Oversees information systems operations activities, such as data and production control, operations support, and storage backup and management. 

Database Development and Administration

Develops and implements a variety of data management structures and systems to support the University's technological needs. Includes building databases, designing the interactions between databases and applications, and the administration of maintenance, storage and backup. 

Geographic Information Systems

Gather, manage and analyze data by applying geographical science. Integrate different types of data using spatial location. Organize layers of information into visualizations using maps and 3D scenes to help communicate and share information.

Information Security

Develop and manage data, system, and network security architecture.  Develop, enforce and audit security policies and procedures such as access, breach escalation, use of firewalls, and encryption routines. Conduct and and report on internal investigations, develop risk analysis scenarios and response procedures. Enforce security policies and procedures by administering and monitoring data security profiles on all platforms, reviewing security violation reports and investigating security exceptions. Update, maintain, and document security controls and provide direct support to the business and internal IT groups for security related issues. Advise on the integrity of security procedures, systems, and policies in the design of systems and facilities. Evaluate and recommend security products, services, and/or procedures to enhance productivity and effectiveness. Oversight of security awareness programs and provide education on security policies and practices.

Instructional Technology 

Supports the deployment, integration and management of computing, information and media technologies related to education. May design, test, and implement system enhancements for instructional technologies. Works with instructional staff to understand system, technical, and environmental needs to ensure optimal system usage.

IT Architecture

Fulfills a variety of critical information technology-related duties for a college, division, or department. May involve system, database, and/or hardware design, implementation, administration, maintenance, monitoring, and/or other IT duties.

IT Business Analysis

Works with colleges, divisions, and departments to understand and define IT system needs. Develops, recommends and maintains solutions, and plans for implementation, integration and maintenance of solutions into business process or system design.

IT Project Management

Manages the organizational portfolio through project –related methodologies, best practices and bridging leadership with project teams.  This may include strategy, planning, organizing, managing, tracking, budgeting, reporting and/or analytics of information technology projects to ensure the delivery of successful outcomes. Projects may include application deployment, system configurations, hardware, infrastructure install or upgrades.

IT Relationship Management

Develops, delivers and implements outsourced IT projects. Researches and recommends vendors that meet the University's needs and standards, and coordinates relations with vendors to ensure prompt and quality delivery of services. 

IT Support

Provides support and training to University constituents to address information technology issues with hardware and software. May include technical support for University-owned or personal devices, as well as application support. 

IT Training

Creates and delivers IT training to end-users and IT Professionals.


Adopts, develops, implements and uses middleware technology in the University's information technology architecture. 

Network Administration Operations

Installs, configures, administers, supports and maintains the university's computer network systems to ensure optimal performance. Activities include monitoring network performance, identifying and resolving problems, implementing back-up and security procedures and training network users.

Network Design

Plans, installs and supports network systems, including LAN/WAN systems. 

Systems Administration

Installs, configures, administers, supports and maintains servers, operating systems and other related applications. Plans and designs server and storage configurations. 


Analyzes, designs, installs, administers, and maintains the university's telecommunication systems, which include voice, data, video, voicemail, and telephone systems. 

Websites and Applications

Plans, develops and implements website applications. Designs the technical architecture of websites, ensuring that websites run effectively and meet the University's needs and requirements.

Facilitates learning through instructional design, curriculum implementation, technology application, and teaching and learning assessment. Creates materials and programs to support and evaluate academic and program objectives, course design and delivery.

Instructional Design and Support

Provides course design consultation to instructional staff and graduate students. Designs courses and workshops for face-to-face, online, and hybrid delivery. 

Program Outcome Assessment

Conducts evaluations of academic programs' assessment of student learning and suggests refinements. Tracks the progress of the institution's assessment of learning outcomes, as manifested in academic degree programs and general education.

UAGC Online Instructor

Facilitates learning through instructional design, curriculum implementation, technology application, and teaching and learning assessment. Creates materials and programs to support and evaluate academic and program objectives, course design and delivery.

Ensures that the institution complies with legal and regulatory requirements. Protects the University's assets and interests by encouraging prudent decision making and risk mitigation strategies.


Examines, verifies, evaluates and reports on financial, operational, and managerial processes, policies, and systems to ensure integrity and compliance. Reports findings and makes recommendations for improvements. 

Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

Develops and enforces a compliance program to ensure compliance with laws, policies, and acceptable institutional practices.  Applies for and maintains the permits, licenses, certificates, and authorizations that the institution needs to conduct its activities. Communicates with regulators and other authorizing agencies.

Disability Resources

Ensures that the institution complies with legal and regulatory requirements. Protects the University's assets and interests by encouraging prudent decision making and risk mitigation strategies, and maintaining proper records and documentation.

Equity and Civil Rights

Develops, administers, and enforces policies and programs to ensure equity for all University students and employees. Oversees efforts to ensure compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity programs, and Civil Rights laws. 

Legal Affairs

Provides legal advice and counsel or performs paralegal work in research and legal data collection. Represents the University in legal matters; evaluates proposals, action plans and other situations that may have legal impact; provides legal advice; and prepares and reviews contracts, letters of agreement, and other documents to ensure legal compliance. 

Records Management

Oversees the institution's records from their creation and preservation through to disposal. Manages inquiries and requests for information from both internal and external parties. Ensures accurate, secure, and effective management of information maintained by the institution.

Risk Management

Identify risk exposures that impact the institution, implement appropriate risk control measures, and ensures appropriate risk financing. Develops and coordinates activities and programs that are designed to identify and manage risks and promote accountability.

Encourages inquiry, creative endeavor, scholarly communication, and lifelong learning by providing a gateway to information resources.  Collaborates with academic colleagues, students, and outside scholars to ensure that library collections are accessible, and support academic research and instruction.

Library Services

Develops, manages, and facilitates access to library resources and technology, including catalogs and databases, applications, website, and physical and electronic resources. Provides subject and disciplinary expertise to support research, teaching, and learning across the University and uses data trends to develop services and programs to meet current and future research and instructional needs.

Facilitates results through management and support of business practices and policies in order to effectively manage University resources and programs. Organizational Administration includes activities such as finance, human resources, information technology, facilities, academic/research programs and/or student services.

Administrative Operations

Oversees, plans, manages, implements and/or evaluates the operations of a college, division or department in the areas of human resources, compliance, financial and additional support services. Identifies and establishes financial and operational systems to monitor, control and improve efficiency and effectiveness, not limited to, processes, procedures and policies.

Administrative Operations HR Support

Facilitates results through management and support of business practices and policies in order to effectively manage University resources and programs. Organizational Administration includes activities such as human resources, information technology, facilities, academic/research programs and/or student services.

Administrative Strategy

Manages a variety of highly complex administration processes, such as development and implementation of strategic plans, continuous improvement projects, and stakeholder engagement. May serve on institutional wide committees on the behalf of leadership requiring detailed content knowledge and expertise. Utilizes independent judgement and discretion to formulate and manage operational and strategic planning processes.

Administrative Support

Provides general administrative functions and assistance, which may include communicating with internal and external stakeholders,  preparing documents and reports, compiling records, scheduling meetings, organizing and maintaining information, coordinating calendars, composing correspondence and other documents, analyzing data. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Oversees strategies, programs and policies to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the University. Includes educational initiatives, culture, and progress toward campus goals.

Project Management

Initiates, plans, executes, monitors, and completes projects related to processes, procedures, and systems on time and within budget, with a specified beginning and end.  Evaluates and consults to improve quality of results and process improvement.

Develops, delivers, and administers non-credit educational and community programs for external audiences. Promotes and fosters lifelong learning and outreach activities for individuals, families, organizations, and communities.

Community Outreach

Plans, develops, coordinates, and implements community-oriented programs focused on meeting community needs and improving life skills for targeted public segments. Delivers content, programs, materials and technology solutions, as needed, to support program objectives.

Outreach Education

Plans, develops, coordinates, and implements programs to foster ongoing learning and education to Arizona communities.  Researches and assesses educational needs and interests for targeted public segments. Delivers content, programs, materials, and technology solutions, as needed, to support program objectives.

Community and Health Systems

Develops and promotes health education programs focused on improving the wellbeing of University constituents and the larger Arizona community. Encourages preventative healthcare activities to increase overall health and wellness.


Develops and facilitates sustainability programs such as reducing energy utilization and waste, recycling services, and green design initiatives, through engagement of facilities/operations, student engagement and/or academic/research functions.

Provides analytical expertise in the planning, development, and assessment of University objectives, and long-range and strategic plans.

Data Analysis

Identify business intelligence, reporting and data analysis needs at the University with the objective of turning data into critical information and knowledge which can be utilized to make sound decisions which support University operations.  Maintains the Data Warehouse and the associated business intelligence environments.

Institutional Research and Assessment

Develops and implements research initiatives to support strategic planning and decision-making processes.  Plans and administers data collection; conceptualizes, designs, and conducts analytical studies. Conducts evaluations of programs, projects, and policies to assess effectiveness and recommend refinements. Prepares and disseminates appropriate information to stakeholders and constituents in support of the institution's goals. 


Oversees long-range strategic planning and decision-making for the University.  Analyzes the institution's financial, regulatory, and competitive environment, and conducts special studies and assessments

Promotes a safe University environment, to learn, work, and visit.  Provides oversight and management of health and safety programs that protect the environment, provide safe and healthy conditions at the institution, and comply with laws and regulations. Establishes processes to be followed in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Preparedness

Coordinates disaster response or crisis management programs. Provides disaster preparedness training and prepares emergency plans and procedures for natural or other disasters.  

Environmental Health and Safety

Develops, implements and monitors campus environmental health and safety programs and policies to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations in such areas as worker protection, fire safety and hazardous material compliance. Promotes a safe and healthy workplace.

Police and Security

Provides law enforcement, loss prevention and/or security services to the community to protect life and/or property, promote order, and preserve the general welfare through enforcement and/or education of state laws and referral of applicable university rules and regulations.

Explores and discovers answers to challenging questions.  Develops, facilitates, implements, evaluates, performs, administers and oversees a wide variety of research programs or initiatives.

Clinical Research

Implements, maintains, documents, and manages clinical trials. Provides for the safety of patients involved in clinical trials ensuring protocol adherence.

Grant and Contract Administration

Provides pre-award and post-award services related to grants management, proposal review and preparation, administration and financial activities, including reporting, financial projections, financial reconciliation, procurement, and accounting services. Collaborates with principal investigators and other research staff to ensure compliance with regulations, terms and conditions and sub award/subcontracting issuance and administration. 

Laboratory Fabrication and Design

Develops, maintains, implements, and installs scientific instruments and equipment. Plans and designs research facilities and/or laboratories.

Research and Data Analysis

Collaborates with researchers in designing studies, analyzing data and publishing results.  Gathers and analyzes data from various databases and sources; performs statistical and/or mathematical programming; evaluates new platforms, techniques and scientific programs; develops reports and visual representations; develops and maintains databases; provides consultation.

Research and Laboratory

Conducts and supports laboratory or field research by setting up and conducting experiments in lab or field settings.  Develops, adapts, and builds equipment, procedures, and techniques to fit specific experiment requirements.  Operates, maintains, and troubleshoots equipment, instruments, and apparatuses.

Research Compliance

Support, promote and ensure legally compliant and ethical research practices. Reviews research protocols, assists in writing and reviewing protocols, and provides advice and counsel to ensure compliance with federal, state, and University mandated laws, regulations and policies.

Research Development

Includes a broad spectrum of strategic, proactive, and capacity building activities designed to enable and enhance the competitiveness of research programs and proposals for extramural support. Activities may include: funding opportunity identification and targeted dissemination; grant and contract proposal development; research team building; interaction with funding agencies, institutional research and leadership; interaction with institutional federal relations; and outreach activities and training.

Research Engineering

Conducts research in a field or specialization of an engineering discipline to discover facts, or performs research directed toward investigation, evaluation, and application of known engineering theories and principles. Plans and conducts, or directs engineering personnel performing complex engineering analyses and experiments to test, prove, or modify theoretical propositions on the basis of research findings and experiences of others researching in related technological areas. Evaluates findings to develop new concepts, products, equipment, or processes, or to develop applications of findings to new uses. 

Research Program Administration

Manages and administers research programs and centers. Represents the institution in working with funding agencies, and developing financial resources and programs. Collaborates with faculty and staff members on developing and implementing research programs and agenda.

Researchers and Scientists 

Design, organize, manage and carry out research.  Analyze research hypothesis using controlled investigations, experiments and/or trials.

Development and implementation of strategies, systems, processes, learning experiences and networks that support achievement of desired academic and career outcomes including the overall student experience. Assists students in successfully integrating into the institution's environment and thriving personally and academically.

Academic Advising

Serves as frontline contact for undergraduate students for developmental academic advising to drive engagement and empower students to achieve their academic and career goals. Plays a vital role in maximizing undergraduate student retention. Builds formative relationships with students by interpreting information and providing clarification on procedures and academic requirements of specific programs or majors. Academic Advisors have authority to approve students’ academic degree programs, including evaluating transfer credit and making exceptions to the program requirements under the auspices of their respective faculty.    

Campus Recreation

Supports student wellness initiatives by providing recreation programs, events, services, and activities for students, faculty, staff and community members.

Career Strategies

Plans, develops and implements career communities, networks and resources to serve the career development needs of students and alumni. These include curriculum, events and activities to guide career exploration, career planning, skill development, job and internship search strategies, and informational interviewing and direct recruitment.

Financial Aid

Manages all aspects of scholarship and financial aid administration including planning, implementing, and communicating awarding policies; determines students' level of need and eligibility for financial aid;  partners with internal and external partners to strategically allocate funds and maintain institutional reporting requirements; and assists students and families from pre-enrollment through post-graduation loan repayment. Plays a vital role in maximizing student recruitment and retention. Interprets (institutional, state, and federal) financial aid regulations, and implements procedures to ensure regulatory and fiduciary compliance and timely delivery of financial aid. 

Recruitment and Admissions

Performs activities related to the recruitment, evaluation, and selection of students seeking entrance to the institution. Initiates, implements and monitors strategies and procedures that ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of recruitment, evaluation, and selection.

Registration and Records

Provides registration planning and implementation services, and manages student records.  Implements and enforces instructional, professional, and legal standards and regulations related to academic records.

Residence Life

Develops and implements residential life programs, services, activities, and processes for students living on campus.  Plans and administers housing services. 

Student Activities and Engagement 

Provides social and adjustment initiatives including community involvement, student  governance, leadership advising, and fraternity and sorority management. Upholds community standards including academic integrity and behavioral expectations.

Student Contact Center Support

Development and implementation of strategies, systems, processes, learning experiences, and networks that support the achievement of desired academic and career outcomes including the overall student experience. Assists students in successfully integrating into the institution's environment and thriving personally and academically.

Student Services Administration 

Manages all aspects of academic administrative matters such as registration, class schedules, course catalog, department brochures, and grade reporting. Monitors the progress of students toward degree completion and performs related administrative and editorial duties.

Student Support

Assists and empowers students to achieve academic success and social adjustment through a variety of activities including academic coaching, student learning centers, tutoring, life skills support, and other services.

Builds support for the University by cultivating relationships, forging partnerships, and increasing awareness of the University's contributions.  Stewards strong relationships with key external constituent groups to include alumni, donors, government, the local community and others.

Advancement Services

Manages and analyzes the database that supports the advancement efforts of the university. Leverages data needed to inform organizational strategy and conduct the operations that engage and steward the university’s stakeholders, supporters and members. Identifies new donor prospects, processes and receipts gifts, and manages constituent records. Engages and stewards alumni, donors and prospects through advancement communications, events management, direct marketing and related activities.

Alumni Relations

Builds and maintains relationships with alumni to promote the University or specific programs. Manages alumni database; responds to various alumni requests; develops, conducts, and promotes alumni programs and services.

Business Development

Designs, develops, delivers, and administers efforts related to establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships with various companies, organizations, and entities to support the University's mission and initiatives.  Identifies new prospects through research and evaluates, analyzes, and formulates strategies for growth in strategic partnerships. Oversees the development of key projects and is accountable for the successful implementation of programs / strategies.

Government, Tribal, and Community Relations

Represents the institution to all levels of government as well as to regulatory, tribal, community, or other agency representatives. Monitors current political, regulatory, and legal trends; develops relationships.

Major Gifts

Secures philanthropic gifts in support of the university. Designs, develops, delivers, and administers fundraising programs and campaigns including major gifts, principal gifts, planned gifts, and corporate and foundation philanthropy.

Technology Transfer

Establishes and implements the strategies and procedures for managing, protecting, and promoting the institution's intellectual property. Facilitates the exchange of intellectual property between the University and external constituents, and facilitates the creation of successful startup companies founded on University of Arizona intellectual property.

Volunteer Engagement

Oversees volunteer programs for the institution, and sources and coordinates volunteers. Develops strategies to increase volunteer involvement opportunities and participation.

Provides essential services to students, faculty and staff. Delivers a wide variety of services including retail and sales, food service operations, mailroom, and parking and transportation, as well as customer service and logistical support for all special events and conferences.

Conference and Events

Oversees all aspects of conferences and special events from conception though clean up.  Coordinates with internal external constituents to plan, organize, schedule and execute event details, related to location scouting and booking, speaker support for travel and lodging, invitations/registration, catering, entertainment,  technology, equipment, staffing, and other relevant activities.

Culinary and Food Services

Provides a variety of quality, nutritious and flavorful food and beverage services to students, faculty, staff and guests.  


Prepares, picks up, and delivers incoming and outgoing domestic and international mail, and packages for distribution.

Parking and Transportation

Provides a variety of services to ensure safe, accessible, reliable and sufficient parking and transportation services to the University community and guests.

Customer Service

Provides a variety of activities to support and assist internal and external customers.

Provides animal husbandry and healthcare and supports scientific inquiry through animal research.

Animal Care

Supports all aspects of routine animal husbandry including daily monitoring, recordkeeping, feeding, watering, cleaning, and care.


Provides all aspects of veterinary services and animal medical health care.

Veterinary Laboratory

Supports animal research through post-mortem laboratory tests and studies.