Retirement Plans

The University of Arizona offers multiple plans to help employees create a financially secure retirement. Review the options below.

If you are close to retirement, consider scheduling an individual retirement consultation with a Human Resources retirement advisor.

Mandatory retirement plans

Most University employees who are employed at least .50 FTE are required to participate in either the ASRS or ORP retirement program.* Employees have 30 days from their date of hire/eligibility date to make a selection. This selection is irrevocable.

Any employees who do not make a choice during this 30-day window will default irrevocably into the ASRS.

*Exemptions include postdoctoral research associates and nonresident aliens. In addition, some Public Safety Personnel will participate in a different plan.

Mandatory plan choices

Full side-by-side comparison: Mandatory Retirement Plans Comparison (PDF).

Arizona State Retirement System

ASRS is a defined benefit plan. Learn more about ASRS (PDF)

Required contribution rate: 12.29% in FY 23 (pre-tax)

University match? Yes

Additional contributions? No

Waiting period: 27 weeks before contributions begin for new members

Investment choices: Managed by State of Arizona

Retirement benefit: Guaranteed monthly pension for life. The amount is based on years of service and average monthly salary. Learn more about how the pension is calculated.

Loans/Hardship withdrawals: None


ASRS Online Enrollment
Enrollment Code: 69V00040

Optional Retirement Plan

ORP is a defined contribution plan. Learn more about ORP (PDF)

Required contribution rate: Fixed at 7% (pre-tax)

University match? Yes

Additional contributions? No

Waiting period: None. Contributions begin the pay period after enrollment

Investment choices: Managed by employee

Retirement benefit: The amount that accrues in the employee’s account. This depends on the market performance of chosen investments.

Loans/Hardship withdrawals: None

Enroll in the ORP both through UAccess
AND with a selected retirement provider.

Fidelity Investments
Plan ID: 67444

Access Code: AZQ192

Review Meeting with a financial provider section.

Public Safety Personnel Retirement System

UAPD public safety officers participate in the State of Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS). The employer makes a matching contribution, and full vesting occurs after 10 years of participation in the program.


Compensation/contribution limits for mandatory plans

asrs/psprs annual compensation limits orp annual contribution limits
  Contributions are suspended once employee has earned the following amount in one year:   Employee and employer can each contribute up to the following amounts:
Fiscal year If hired & enrolled by June 30, 1996 If hired & enrolled after June 30, 1996 Calendar year If hired & enrolled by June 30, 1996 If hired & enrolled after June 30, 1996
2023-24 $490,000 $330,000 2023  $33,000 $23,100
2024-25 $505,000 $345,000 2024  $34,500 $24,150


Supplemental retirement plans

All University employees, including those who are not eligible for the ASRS or ORP, can participate in these voluntary supplemental retirement plans to save more for retirement. Employees may enroll in either or both the Arizona University System 403(b) Plan or the State of Arizona 457(b) Plan.

Supplemental plan choices

Full side-by-side comparison: Supplemental Retirement Plans Comparison (PDF).

403(b) Plan

View 403(b) information (PDF)

The 403(b) is a retirement account where you choose from a mix of investment options. Withdrawals permitted upon separation or after age 59½.

Investment providers: Fidelity Investments or TIAA

Minimum contribution: $5/pay period

Rollovers into the plan: Allowed

Loans/Hardship withdrawals: Allowed


Traditional 403(b)

Roth 403(b)
View 403(b) Roth PDF






Tax free

403(b) Online Enrollment
Or contact the Fidelity or TIAA representatives (below)
Plan ID: 55468

Instructions (PDF)
            How to Make
Changes (PDF)

457(b) Deferred
Compensation Plan

View 457(b) video

The 457(b) is a deferred compensation plan similar to a retirement account, but you may withdraw funds upon separation from service without penalty, regardless of your age.

Investment provider: Nationwide

Minimum contribution: $10/pay period

Rollovers into the plan: Allowed

Loans/Hardship withdrawals: Allowed


Traditional 457(b)
View 457(b) pre-tax PDF

Roth 457(b)
View Roth 457(b) Analyzer






Tax free

457(b) Enrollment        Managing your account
You may also enroll or make changes by phone: 800-796-9753

How to Make
Changes (PDF)

University's Nationwide Representative
Klark Krauter

maximum deferral amount (MDA) limits for 403(b) and 457(b)  
MDA Calendar or plan year  
  2023 2024
Annual MDA under age 50 $22,500 $23,000
Annual MDA if turning 50+ in plan year $30,000 $30,500
Catch-up contributions (age 50+)

Contact your investment provider.

Contact your investment provider.


Meeting with a financial provider

Regardless of which retirement plan you participate in, you may schedule complimentary, virtual, or on-campus appointments with either of the two ABOR-approved investment providers. We encourage you to visit their websites or connect with the University’s dedicated representatives for more information.

If you choose the ORP or 403(b), you must select either Fidelity Investments or TIAA. Their representatives can help you make your choice and assist with enrollment. ORP participants may switch investment companies once a year by filling out the investment company change form (PDF).

Fidelity Investments

Schedule appointment - Fidelity
Employer Name: "Arizona University System"

University’s Fidelity Representative:

CJ Olsen

Or call 800-343-0860


Schedule appointment - TIAA
Employer Name: "Arizona Board of Regents"

University’s TIAA Representative:

Donn Fitch, CFP®


Or call 800-732-8353

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness Page

All employees have access to a variety of self-paced financial education resources offered by Fidelity Investments and TIAA.

Appendix: Plan documents

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