Approved Extended Leave - Appointed Personnel


A Leave of Absence without pay may be granted for a period of up to one calendar year at the discretion of the employee's department head, dean, the appropriate vice president, and the President. Approval is based on the department's operational needs and the specific needs of the employee's position.


  • All Appointed Personnel


  • The employee submits a letter to his or her department head indicating the reason for the leave and the leave schedule.
  • Department heads forward their recommendations through the appropriate dean and vice president to the Provost for written approval.
  • The Provost’s decision is based on the merit of the request and on certification by the department head and dean involved that the employee’s absence will not jeopardize normal operations.
  • The department forwards the Personnel Action Form (PAF) and approval letters to the Human Resources Leave Management Team.

What Happens to Your Benefits?

  • If you are in paid status (e.g., vacation time), deductions will be taken from your paycheck.
  • If you are in non-pay status, you may make arrangements with Human Resources to continue your benefits by paying the employee premium through direct bill.

Following the unpaid leave start date, you will receive a packet in the mail from the Human Resources Leave Management Team that includes:

  • A form to waive, change or continue the existing benefits;
  • A bill with the itemized employee benefit cost and payment schedule; and
  • Other helpful information

Continuation of coverage upon completing the University specified leave periods is available through the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA).

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