Family and Medical Leave: Employee Information

The University recognizes that during your career, circumstances may arise that require you to take a prolonged or intermittent absence from work for family or medical reasons. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that allows eligible employees to take job-protected leave for certain qualifying medical and family reasons. FMLA also ensures that health insurance coverage will continue during the leave under the same terms and conditions as if the leave had not been taken.

Qualifying Reasons & Eligibility for FML

If you are eligible, you can take time off of work for health reasons, for a new baby, or to care for a seriously ill family member. All employees, including student workers and graduate assistants/associates, may be eligible for FML.

Qualifying Reasons & Eligibility

Requesting FML

If you believe you may be eligible and have a qualifying reason, start the FML process with a request for leave.

How to Request FML

Your Responsibilities While on FML

There are several ways to ensure that your leave goes smoothly.

Your Responsibilities

Your Pay and Benefits While on FML

FML is unpaidbut if you have available paid time off, you must use it during your leave. Your benefits coverage will continue while your portion of the premiums is paid through payroll deduction, or if you are unpaid, by direct bill.

More on Pay and Benefits

Your Rights Under the FMLA

The University commits to restore you to the same or equivalent job when you return from an FMLA-qualifying leave. Also, the use of FML leave cannot cause you to lose any employment benefit that accrued prior to the start of your leave.

If you believe your supervisor or department is interfering with your right to take FML, or is retaliating against you for using FML, contact the Division of Human Resources at 520-621-3660 or

University and Federal Resources

Find University of Arizona information and policies, as well as resources from the U.S. Department of Labor.