How Job Change Or Separation Affects Your Benefits

Job Changes Within Arizona University System and State Agencies

  • If you move from one benefits-eligible position to another at the University of Arizona, without a break in service, your benefits are unaffected.
  • If you transfer employment between UA, ASU, or NAU, with a break of service of less than 31 days, you must enroll in the same benefit plans. 

For more details, review the Employment changes within the Arizona University System document.

Special Note on Agency Transfers: If you are employed at the UA within 30 days of separating from benefits-eligible employment at another Arizona public university or an Arizona state agency, you are eligible for special provisions. You may request reinstatement of your sick leave balance as well as a vacation accrual rate that accounts for your prior years of service. To request an agency transfer, please contact the Division of Human Resources promptly after your hire date, at 520-621-3660 or

Separation from University Employment

The following information applies when you leave your University position for any reason, including resignation, reduction in force/layoff, termination, or nonrenewal of contract.

Benefit Status
Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance Coverage ends on the last day of the pay period that includes the date of separation. You may continue coverage through COBRA (see below).
Healthcare and Dependent-Care Flexible Spending Accounts Plan participation ends on the last day of the pay period that includes the date of separation. COBRA is offered to qualified participants in the Health-Care FSA only. If COBRA is not elected, only eligible expenses incurred prior to the participation end date may be submitted for reimbursement.
Basic Life Insurance ($15,000) Coverage ends on the last day of the pay period that includes the date of separation. Portability and conversion are available if you act within 31 days. Contact Securian for information.
Supplemental Life and Dependent Life

Coverage ends on the last day of pay period including the date of separation. Portability and conversion are available if you act within 31 days. Contact your vendor directly for information.

The Hartford

Retirement Plan (Arizona State Retirement System [ASRS], Optional Retirement Plan [ORP], Public Safety Personnel Retirement System [PSPRS])

Plan participation ends on the date you end employment. Depending on the plan, you may withdraw funds, rollover or transfer funds, or leave funds on deposit for a later benefit. Learn more about your options in the Next Steps for Your Retirement Plan(s) During Transition document.

 Contact your vendor directly to arrange rollover, transfer, or withdrawal.

If in the ASRS, review the Refunding Your Account and Terminating ASRS Membership page.

Separation for the sole purpose of changing retirement plans is not allowed.

Long-Term Disability Insurance Plan participation ends on the date you end employment. 
Short-Term Disability Insurance Coverage ends on the date you end employment.
Qualified Tuition Reduction

Retirees with Official Retirement Status can continue to receive the QTR benefit in retirement.

Employees affected by reduction in force/layoff who have five years of continuous service prior to their separation date may be eligible for tuition reduction (along with spouse and dependent children) for up to 12 months (Qualified Tuition Reduction Policy). Please contact HR Solutions (520-621-3660 or to use.

Accrued Vacation Hours

Accrued vacation for appointed personnel, classified staff, and university staff is paid upon separation, up to the amount earned in one year of service. Vacation is not paid out to postdoctoral scholars upon separation.

Contact Payroll for more information about the timing of the payout.

Accrued Sick Leave Hours Sick leave hours are not paid out on separation, unless you retire with 500 or more sick leave hours and qualify for Retiree Accumulated Sick Leave. You must actively apply for RASL within established deadlines. For more information, review the Retiring from the UA page.
Life & Work Connections services

Resources offered through ComPsych (employee assistance counseling, financial wellness, legal resources, and relocation services) are available to benefits-eligible employees and members of their household for 90 days post separation.

Use the ComPsych Portal to access ComPsych services.

End-of-Year Tax Documents You retain limited provisioning in UAccess to download your W-2 and 1095-C, as well as update your mailing address. Verify your contact information and, if desired, change from electronic to mail delivery of these documents before your last day of work. Contact Payroll for tax documents.
University Email Address

If you leave University employment for any reason other than retirement, your email address is deactivated immediately (former students continue to have CatMail access). Official retirees have a 60-day grace period to opt in for a CatMail account.

Visit the Email Change on Employee Separation FAQs page for more information.

Microsoft Office 365 Your access is deactivated immediately. Visit Offboarding – Microsoft 365 for guidance on how to save personal or research content or share work content with colleagues before you lose access.

Additional Resources

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) Coverage

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1985 provides employees the option to continue group medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage, as well as health-care flexible spending accounts, after

  • a separation of employment or
  • a loss of eligibility.

The employee pays both the employee and employer portions of the premiums.

Key Facts

  • A COBRA form will automatically be mailed to you within 14 days of your employment end date.
  • You have 60 days from the date of the notice to elect COBRA coverage.
  • If you elect COBRA, coverage will be retroactive to your employment end date.

Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) Plans

For the TCP or HDHP with HSA, COBRA is offered and administered by ADOA.

Contact the ADOA Benefits Services Division

Do not contact ADOA until after your separation date. ADOA cannot process COBRA applications for active employments.

UA Alternative Plans

For the UA Alternative Plans offered to employees with domestic partners, COBRA is offered and administered by UnitedHealthcare.

Contact UnitedHealthcare

  • Phone: (877) 403-3569 
  • Helpline: (877) 481-6781

Health Care Flexible Spending Account

COBRA continuation of benefits for the Flexible Spending Account is administered by the University's plan administrator, ASI (ASI COBRA Notice).

Contact ASI

Health Insurance Marketplace

The Affordable Care Act requires most Americans to have health insurance. Loss of employer health coverage is a qualifying event that allows you to purchase insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace. These options may be less expensive than continuing your current coverage through COBRA. In addition, premium subsidies may be available, depending on your income.

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