Prestigious Awards Leave - Appointed Personnel

Enables appointed personnel to accept prestigious external fellowships or awards for research or creative activity that do not provide the recipient's normal full salary during the period of the award.


  • The assignment is in the best interests of the University.
  • Funds are available within the college to support both the University portion of the employee's salary and to cover instructional duties comparable to those the individual would have been assigned.
  • The individual will return to the University following the leave for a period of further service equal to the length of the leave.


  • Employee submits a letter to department head indicating reason for the leave and the leave schedule.
  • The leave is approved by the department head, dean and Provost.
  • If approved, the department forwards the paperwork to the Human Resources Leave Management Team.
  • The college provides a matching value up to a maximum of 50% of the faculty member's salary during the period of the leave in order for the recipient to be able to retain their full University salary. 

What Happens to Your Benefits?

  • This leave has no impact on the employee's benefits as long as the employee maintains a .50 FTE.

Link to Policy

University Handbook for Appointed Personnel, Policy 8.03.03

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