Dispute Resolution Policies - Administrators

The following options are available to Administrators scheduled to work at least 0.5 FTE for 6 months or more. For Policies applicable to other employment categories, visit the Dispute Resolution page.

A member of the faculty who is terminated or released from an administrative position is not entitled to a hearing before the Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure or any other faculty committee. (University Handbook for Appointed Personnel 3.11.07)

Refer to applicable policies for additional information on eligibility, timelines, and procedures.

Annual Performance Review

Appeal Process Applicable Policy

Requests for review of performance as an administrator are made in writing to the administrative head of the next level; i.e., the person to whom your supervisor reports. The same process is used for appealing a performance review related to any secondary non-faculty appointment.

Deadline: 30 days after receipt of written performance review.

If an administrator holds a faculty appointment of more than 25% and disagrees with the review of his/her performance as a faculty member, then the procedures for faculty appeal in UHAP 3.2.03 are followed, specifically:

Appeal is made in writing to the head of the next administrative level, normally the dean.

Appeal must state:

  • The findings being appealed
  • The points of disagreement
  • The facts in support of the appeal
  • The corrective action sought

Deadline: 30 days from receipt of performance review.

Post-tenure faculty who receive an Unsatisfactory rating are required to enter a Faculty Development Plan or Performance Improvement Plan, depending on the extent of deficiency. If there is a finding of unsatisfactory improvement following the Faculty Development Plan, the finding may be appealed to the next administrative level.

University Handbook for Appointed Personnel 5.2.03

University Handbook for Appointed Personnel 3.2.03

Removal, Dismissal, or Suspension

Appeal Process Applicable Policy

The president's decision to dismiss an administrator may be appealed in writing to the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR).

Deadline: 15 days

ABOR's determination is final.

University Handbook for Appointed Personnel 5.4.02

Grievances and Complaints by or against Appointed Personnel

This procedure applies to complaints that are not provided for in chapters 3, 4, and 5 of the University Handbook for Appointed Personnel. Those chapters cover appeals for such issues as performance evaluation, appointment, nonrenewal, promotion, continuing status, and tenure.

Appeal Process Applicable Policy

Grievance or complaint is filed with the immediate administrative head of the individual about whom the grievance or complaint is made.


  • 30 days for compensation issues
  • 90 days for all other issues

The immediate administrator's decision may be appealed to the next administrative level.

Deadline: 10 days from receipt of immediate administrator’s decision.

If a grievance or complaint is not resolved through administrative review, members of the General Faculty may utilize the grievance policies and procedures in Article VII of the Bylaws of the General Faculty of the University of Arizona.

Appointed personnel who are not members of the General Faculty may file a petition with the Committee on Conciliation and, if conciliation is not possible, then subsequently with the Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure (CAFT).

University Handbook for Appointed Personnel Chapter 6

Bylaws of the General Faculty of the University of Arizona

Discrimination or Sexual Harassment

The University of Arizona Nondiscrimination and Anti-harassment policy prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or genetic information.

Appeal Process Applicable Policy

Complaints are investigated by the Office of Institutional Equity

Deadline: 180 days from the most recent allegedly discriminatory act

OIE’s finding of fact is not subject to appeal. However the employee may appeal any disciplinary action imposed by following the relevant appeals process.

Nondiscrimination and Anti-harassment Policy

Whistleblower Complaint

The Arizona Board of Regents “Protection of Employees from Reprisal for Whistleblowing” designates an appeal process when an employee believes an adverse personnel action was taken against him or her in retaliation for the employee making a good faith disclosure of alleged wrongful behavior.

Appeal Process Applicable Policy

Appeal is submitted to and investigated by a university officer such as the president, provost, vice-provost, vice-president, dean, or non-academic department director.

University officer issues decision within 45 days, which is then implemented by the immediate supervisor within 10 days.

Employee may request a hearing within 15 days of receipt of University officer’s decision.

Arizona Board of Regents Policy 6-914