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Phone: 621-2737


Emily Gillilan
Assistant Director, Compensation


Compensation Communications, Strategic Planning and Design

Dylan Lane
Data Analyst


Compensation Systems and Reporting, Data Analytics, Metrics, Compensation Operations

Kristine Leyva
Interim Manager, Compensation


AZ Health Sci Ctrs & Divisions, Alumni & Development Division, Az Health Sciences Division, College of Medicine - Phoenix, College of Medicine - Tucson, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, College of Public Health, College of Social & Behav Sci, College of Veterinary Medicine, Div of Secretary of the Univ, Div of Native Am. Advancement, Division of Budget & Planning, Eller College of Management, Exec Ofc of the President Div, Financial Services, General Counsel Division, Human Resources Division, James E Rogers College of Law, Marketing Communications Div, RII Centers & Institutes, RII Museums Division, RII Research Infrastructure, Risk Management and Safety Div

Wendy Moore
Analyst, Compensation


Academic Administration, Academic Affairs Division, Arizona Online and Distance, Arizona Public Media, Business Affairs Division, College of Humanities, Dean of Students, Disability Resource Center, Div Equity, Incl, Title IX, Diversity and Inclusion, Enrollment Services, Facilities Management, Housing & Residential Life, Libraries, Parking and Transportation, Phx Biomed Campus Facility Div, Stud Success Retention Innov, Student Services Admin, Student Unions, Tech Launch Arizona, Tech Parks Division, UA Assoc Students Bookstore, Univ Info Tech Services Div, Vice Provost Acad Affrs Div

Jason Wenneman
Analyst, Compensation


Arts Presenting & Engagement, Campus Health and Wellness, Campus Recreation, Col Arch Plan & Landscape Arch, College of Agric and Life Sci, College of Applied Sci & Tech, College of Education, College of Engineering, College of Fine Arts, College of Science, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cooperative Extension, Graduate College, Honors College, Intercollegiate Athletics Div, James C Wyant Coll Optical Sci, Ofc of Global Initiatives Div, Planning Design & Construction


University Career Architecture Project

The University Career Architecture Project (UCAP) was completed and went live January 27, 2020. For historical UCAP materials, please click here. For current Compensation and UCAP resources, please see below.


Compensation Resources

Current UCAP Resources:

Cheat Sheets

Mapping Tools

FLSA and Overtime

The University of Arizona complies with the DOL's Fair labor Standards act for administering overtime and determining exemption status of university staff positions. For more information please see the follow Link for the University's FLSA and Overtime Policy.

Timekeeping Resources

Accurate Timekeeping: Supervisor's Guide
Accurate Timekeeping: Employee's Guide