Leave Decision Guidance for Supervisors

Regular and dependable employee attendance is a critical performance factor. As a manager/supervisor, you will have to assess employee absence and leave requests within your operational needs and University policies.

Please contact your assigned Senior HR Partner for consultation on more complex and unusual absence/leave requests. For questions on leave processing, contact HR Solutions.

For information on all employee leaves, visit the PTO, Leaves & Holidays page.

Having a Conversation with Employee Requesting Leave

Begin by gathering information about the request so that you can determine your employee's needs and what policies apply to the situation. Questions you might ask:

  • Why does your employee need the absence or leave? 
    If the reason is due to an illness/medical condition (including caring for a specific family member with an illness/medical condition), you can clarify whether a healthcare provider recommends the absence/leave; however, avoid discussing any specific medical condition information. If absence/leave is for a work-related illness or injury, see procedures for the worker's compensation process in addition to using this evaluation tool.
  • What are the absence or leave dates of your employee's request?
    Is it one period (continuous) or several dates (intermittent)? You can require specific dates, even if they are tentative.
  • When will your employee return to work?
    You can seek assurance that your employee intends to return to work at the end of the absence/leave and if there will be any restrictions on performance, duties, and/or work schedule. You can ask your employee to provide a release from a healthcare provider before returning to work.

All absence/leave decisions start with an evaluation against the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act. As required by law, the University strives to apply Family and Medical Leave to all applicable situations. You, as a supervisor, are the key to maintaining federal compliance.

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