Career Conversations

Career Conversation 5 step process

BEGINS: April 1                    ENDS: June 30

Upload Finalized Career Feedback Documents to UAccess

Regardless of how your area conducts career planning, store your completed documents in UAccess for easy retrieval from a centralized location. Then, you can reference your documents for developmental and growth reminders and during ongoing check-ins.

Steps to Upload Your Completed Career Conversation

About Career Conversations

Career Conversations empower staff members to review their accomplishments, identify their strengths, and set goals for the future. Through this process, staff members are enabled to create a plan for their own growth and development. With the input and support of their supervisors, staff members can chart a path to success and achieve their career aspirations.

Please contact your unit or department to clarify how Career Conversations fits into your current career planning processes. For instance, University faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate assistants/associates may use separate review processes.

For assistance with Career Conversations, contact your Senior HR Partner.


Employee reading pamphlet

For Staff

Learn how to make the most of your next Career Conversation! Career Conversations are a powerful tool for gaining essential feedback, unlocking your potential, and mapping out your next steps. They are an opportunity to gain new skills, challenge yourself, and reach new heights personally and professionally. 

Manager talking to employee

For Supervisors

As a supervisor, you have the unique opportunity to inspire your team's growth and career development. Through Career Conversations, you can empower your estaff to pursue their aspirations while also contributing to your unit's and the University's success.

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The 5-Step Process

Review the detailed steps of the Career Conversation process. They include kick-off, review, conversation, summary, and upload.