Career Conversations


April 1


June 30


About Career Conversations

Career Conversations are structured discussions between employees and their supervisors. They are designed to support employee success and growth through reflection, planning, problem solving, and honest and constructive feedback. Career Conversations begin when employees reflect on their significant accomplishments, key strengths, and goals for the future, and continue during check-in meetings throughout the year.

For assistance, contact your HR Organizational Consultant.


This 18-minute recorded presentation will review the 5-step Career Conversations process and highlight new changes this year.

Form, Tools, and Resources

Here is the Career Conversations form, along with tools and resources to help your conversation be productive, engaging, and future-focused.



Ready to up your game and implement strategies for giving better feedback? Check out this LinkedIn Learning video - The Art & Science of Feedback: The 5 Feedback Steps. 



Want to get the most out of your Career Conversation and accelerate your own development? Watch this video on Creating Great SMART Goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Better performance and higher productivity
  • Stronger teams and work groups
  • More trust and a culture of positive change
  • Greater job satisfaction and engagement
  • Early signs of performance challenges

Career conversations should be conducted annually with a minimum of two check-in meetings through the year to follow up on employee progress and to offer developmental support.

UArizona has not had a common date for completing Career Conversations. Employees have said that the time frame is unclear, and Career Conversations don’t always happen. The April - June window:

  • Accommodates both academic and fiscal timelines
  • Establishes the expectation for employees and supervisors for an annual process
  • Allows for tools and resources to be developed and shared with you
  • Streamlines communications sent to your inbox
  • Will enable easier tracking of completion rates

Please note that if you recently completed Career Conversations you do not need to redo them. Simply start with the new form and timeline next year.

It can be difficult to express disagreement with a supervisor, but honest conversations make for better working relationships. If the supervisor chooses not to change the comments following a conversation, the employee may document the disagreement on the Career Conversation form.

Supervisors should be honest and share their perspective throughout the year. Employees should not be surprised by comments during the Career Conversations process. However, supervisors may note any disagreements in writing or invite the employee to revise their content based on the Career Conversation.

Career Conversations are not intended to compare employees to one another, but rather to develop individualized development plans for each employee.

Completion of the Career Conversation is a separate process from pay decisions; however, performance issues discussed in the Career Conversation, such as not meeting goals or addressing areas of needed and expected improvement are part of the employee record. Career Conversations records would be evaluated in determining merit pay or potential disciplinary action.