Temporary changes to OPS forms process

March 18, 2020

Due to University work modifications related to COVID-19, Workforce Systems is temporarily adjusting the submission of Other Professional Services (OPS) forms.

Temporary changes to OPS process

Original signatures have been waived. You may secure approvals from the hiring/home department and dean by:

  • Having them sign the physical OPS form, then scanning, or
  • Receiving their approval of the specific OPS request via email.

Hiring departments may then process approved OPS forms by submitting an MSS Exception Request – Other Professional Service as follows:

  1. Enter the Employee Primary Home Dept Number (for routing).
  2. Attach the approved OPS form plus any approval emails.
  3. Workforce Systems will manually route the Exception Request to the Provost Approver.
  4. Workforce Systems will continue to be the final approver on the request.

If you have any questions, please contact Workforce Systems at workforcesystems@arizona.edu