2023-2024 NOA/NOR Templates Available for Fiscal Employees

July 18, 2023

Dear College/Division and Department Contract Approvers,

The 2023-2024 Notice of Appointment and Reappointment (NOA/NOR) templates are now available in UAccess for faculty, appointed professionals and graduate assistant/associates. You can now begin generating fiscal NOAs and NORs for your respective units.

Important Instructions

It’s very important to review the accuracy of contracts you generate to ensure they reflect the correct compensation and appointments.

For assistance with the process of administering and managing MSS contracts for faculty, appointed professionals and graduate assistant/associates review the following resource guides:

Please wait for confirmation to begin generating academic year contracts. Refer to the FY/AY 2024 Contract Generation Schedule to assist with your planning.

If you have questions about the contract generation process, contact HR Workforce Systems at workforcesystems@arizona.edu.

Please share this information with your colleagues.

Workforce Systems