FY 2024 External Market Data Updates Take Effect July 24

June 20, 2023

To align our jobs more closely to market rates, the University will update the pay grades for 522 job description titles, effective July 24.

An external market data review of all the jobs in the University's career architecture was conducted in the fall by the Division of Human Resources Compensation Team as part of an effort to ensure the University of Arizona remains competitive in recruitment and retention. Human Resources then presented the results – and recommendations stemming from the review  to University leaders, who approved the pay grade updates.

External market review cycle

This is the first institution-wide market data review since the University Career Architecture Project, a two-year initiative, completed in 2020, that established the current University Staff career architecture and pay structure.

Moving forward, market data reviews will be conducted on the following annual cycle:

  • Fall
    • The University's career architecture is reviewed against third-party surveys.
  • Winter
    • Findings and recommendations are provided to University leadership.
    • Once approved, the results of the market review are shared and included in planning assumptions in early January in advance of the budget planning period.
  • Summer
    • Approved changes take effect in the new fiscal year. 

Learn more in the External Market Data Review FAQ

What do business offices have to do?

Job change and position distribution approvers will receive emails with information on next steps.

Employees in the 522 affected jobs – out of the approximate 1,800 within the career architecture – will automatically be brought to the minimum of their new pay grade if their current salary falls below their new pay grade. Individual units will have the opportunity to make strategic pay decisions to account for compression. Pay increases will be reflected in Aug. 11 paychecks.



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