MSS Position Create/Modify Form Changes

Sept. 22, 2023

Several important updates to MSS Position Create/Modify Request forms in UAccess Employee exist. Please read carefully to learn how these forms will function following these changes. 

Position Create/Modify Form Changes

Effective today, you will see several new features have been added to Position Create/Modify Request forms. 

  • Workforce Systems will no longer be included in the approval process if the only change requested is to update the supervisor and/or time approver.
  • Position Create/Modify Request forms will now allow updates to the following fields:
    • Full/Part Time flag (with or without an incumbent in position)
    • Position Type Code (vacant positions only)
    • New and Existing Working Titles (vacant positions only)
    • FTE (vacant positions only)

Our goal with this update is to enhance the ease of use and functionality of Position Create/Modify Request forms.  You can implement supervisor/time approver changes with fewer approval steps, and new fields will be open to allow you to initiate changes that previously required correspondence with Workforce Systems. 

Workforce Systems