Designated Campus Colleagues Guides

  • DCC Quick Reference Matrix 
    This matrix provides short descriptions and services available for each DCC type and subcategory.
  • DCC Quick Reference Guide
    This guide offers department and college staff instructions and information for submitting and approving UAccess Employee DCC requests.
  • DCC Rollover Guide
    This guide provides instructions related to the rollover process and is updated prior to the beginning of the fiscal year.
  • Designated Campus Colleague Guide
    This guide provides an overview of the UAccess Employee – MSS Designated Campus Colleagues (DCC) process for creating and updating DCC relationships.
  • Intermittent Occasional Volunteers (IOV) & Intern—Department DCC's.  Children under 14 may not be DCCs in any capacity. Get more information on age-related restrictions.  
  • Intermittent/Occasional Volunteer (IOV)
    • Intern-Department and Intermittent Occasional Volunteers (IOV) are a types of Designated Campus Colleagues (DCC's) relationship limited to individuals who do not:
      • Require access to University systems and services including NetIDs and CatCards
      • Supervise minors
      • Perform security-sensitive duties
      • Require specialized University training
      • Work with or have access to export-controlled technical data, information, materials and equipment 

The following documents must be attached to the Manager Self-Service DCC request when creating one of these types of DCC's:
         1. Intermittent/Occasional Volunteer (IOV) Worksheet
         2. IOV Agreement.  This agreement is specific to IOVs.  (Note, this document contains Word macros.  Make sure macros are enabled when you open it.)

         DCC Intern - Department
         1. Intern-Department Worksheet

Please contact Workforce Systems if you have any questions about the process to establish a DCC IOV or Intern-Department relationship for a person on campus. 

  • DCC Worksheet
    This worksheet is a helpful tool for gathering required information for initiating MSS DCC Requests.