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Coming Soon! MSS Graduate Assistant/Associate Job Data Changes

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Greetings College and Department Representatives:

If a dog were a cat
And a cat were a dog
Would it rain dogs and cats?
Or pour cats and dogs?

Do all bees make honey?
Or are those special bees?
Are they out when it’s sunny?
Or do they hide in the trees?

So, what does it mean
When we say “Let’s go green”?
Is it a tea we should drink?
Or a paperless link?

The answer my friend
Worksheets coming to an end
And business processes align
As MSS Grad job changes go online

The Manager Self Service (MSS) Graduate Assistant/Associate Job Change request is in the final stage of development and is scheduled for release to department/college initators and approvers on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.

MSS Graduate Assistant/Associate Job Change Features

The new MSS Graduate Job Change request includes:

  • The ability for initiators to access specific student information in UAccess Employee
  • Graduate enrollment validation
  • Embedded business rules
  • New Enhanced Analytics reports to replace Graduate Worksheets
  • A view of current position distribution (tentative)

Please forward this communication to each of your respective departments/units.