Fiscal Year 2019 One-Time Merit Pay Program

Nov. 20, 2018


The University of Arizona Community


Jeffrey Goldberg, Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Lisa Rulney, Interim Senior Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer

DATE: November 20, 2018
SUBJECT: Fiscal Year 2019 One-Time Merit Pay

The University made a commitment two years ago to annually recognize the contributions of our faculty, staff, and graduate assistants/associates, and for the current fiscal year, eligible UA employees will receive a one-time merit payment of $1,000 prorated by FTE in January 2019. 

We have honored this commitment in each preceding year, and it is imperative that we again acknowledge the contributions of our entire team. At the same time, this is the second year in a row in which net tuition revenue has fallen short of expected targets, which has limited our ability to make permanent adjustments to salaries. This one-time merit increase program reflects a solution that maintains fiscal responsibility while demonstrating the great respect we feel for all university employees.

The parameters of this pay program will be communicated to all deans and senior vice presidents to be distributed within their respective areas. Units will review all eligible individuals and communicate any exceptions to Human Resources per the instructions and guidelines. This one-time merit payment will be implemented in UAccess and appear in January 18, 2019, paychecks.

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