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New Proposed Compassionate Transfer of Leave Policy Available for Review

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The proposed Compassionate Transfer of Leave (CTL) policy has been revised a second time in response to questions and concerns raised during the previous review period in April 2018. Changes include the following:

  • CTL recipients are no longer required to be on an approved leave of absence, because an unpaid leave time code would block the employee from receiving pay via CTL. 
  • Instead of 480 hours per medical condition, an employee may now receive 480 hours per rolling 12-month period. This simplifies implementation by eliminating the need to determine whether or not medical conditions are related.
  • The policy now specifies that employees must receive CTL hours at their full FTE rather than at a partial FTE. This will promote consistent application across departments.   
  • The language has been revised to clarify that it is not necessary to purchase short-term disability insurance in order to qualify for CTL. 

The full policy is available for review and comment at in the "Policies under Consideration" box.