Designated Campus Colleagues

The resources below can be utilized to assist with creating and determining Designated Campus Colleague (DCC) Types. 


  • DCC Worksheet
    This worksheet is a helpful tool for gathering required information for initiating MSS DCC Requests. 
  • Intermittent Occasional Volunteers (IOV) & Intern—Department DCC's
    This page provides an overview, instructions and required documents to establish a DCC IOV  or Intern-Department relationship.
  •  Minors - Volunteers Under 18 Years of Age
    Under certain circumstances, the University may engage minors to volunteer who are older than 14 years and younger than 18 years old. Children under 14 may not be DCCs in any capacity. Information on age-related restrictions is available at:  Departments should have DCC minors print their volunteer agreement, have both the DCC minor and a parent sign the agreement and return the signed agreement to departmental business representative.


DCC Self Service Guide

Manager Self Service Guides

  • DCC Quick Reference Guide
    This guide offers department and college staff instructions and information for submitting and approving UAccess Employee DCC requests.
  • DCC Rollover Guide
    This guide provides instructions related to the rollover process and is updated prior to the beginning of the fiscal year.