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COVID-19 Hiring Changes

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Our workforce is our greatest talent.

Explore the following resources that support fair and consistent hiring practices, source and grow talent, and foster diversity and inclusion across campus.

COVID-19 Temporary Hiring Changes

To help mitigate the financial impact of COVID-19, the University of Arizona has implemented temporary changes to hiring practices.

Faculty and Staff Hiring Slowdown

The hiring slowdown is currently in effect through June 30, 2021.

Email to HR Alliance (March 30)

Email to HR Alliance (May 8)

Email to HR Alliance (July 31)

Frequently asked questions about the slowdown

Waiver Request

The three waiver form options are:

Fully grant-funded position waiver

Partially grant-funded position waiver

Non grant-funded position waiver

Frequently asked questions about the Adobe Sign waivers

Requisition & Offer Letter Language

To help inform applicants and new hires of the University’s current Furlough and Furlough-Based Salary Programs, language will be added to all newly submitted requisitions and applicable offer letters.

Email to HR Alliance (May 29).

Frequently asked questions about the language

UArizona Recruitment Team Contacts

Main Campus

Dora Eamon - Recruiter II

Audelia Shay - Recruiter I

Jackie Valenzuela - Recruiter I

Tyler Kitchel - Recruiter I

Endeliza Ramos - Manager, HR Recruitment & Outreach

Lisa Gundy - Director, HR Recruitment & Outreach


Ronald Cox - Recruiter I

Phoenix Biomedical Campus

Jessica Tualla - Associate Human Resources Director, HR COM-Phoenix

Phoenix HR Team email