COVID-19 Temporary Hiring Changes

Updated Aug. 3, 2020

To help mitigate the financial impact of COVID-19, the University of Arizona has implemented temporary changes to hiring practices.

Faculty and Staff Hiring Slowdown

The hiring slowdown is currently in effect through June 30, 2021.

Email to HR Alliance (March 30)

Email to HR Alliance (May 8)

Email to HR Alliance (July 31)

Frequently asked questions about the slowdown

Requisition & Offer Letter Language

To help inform applicants and new hires of the University’s current Furlough and Furlough-Based Salary Programs, language will be added to all newly submitted requisitions and applicable offer letters.

Email to HR Alliance (May 29).

Frequently asked questions about the language

The Human Resources recruitment team supports departments across the University of Arizona in maintaining a diverse, highly qualified, and inclusive workforce. Through our local and national advertising efforts, we encourage applications from candidates with a broad range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. We further support these efforts by actively participating in community-based events. Among our many activities recruitment team members

  • Attend job fairs and informational applicant panels
  • Represent the UA on local boards and support community partnerships
  • Provide career advising to local service members transitioning into the civilian workforce
  • Assist with posting creation and management, applicant support, and recruitment advising

Designed for supervisors and search committees, the Recruitment section of the website offers resources that explain recruitment best practices and promote consistency in hiring procedures across campus. In particular, the Guide to Successful Searches is a comprehensive manual for completing a successful candidate search—topics covered include Forming a Search Committee, Creating and Marketing a Position Description, Tips on the Interviewing and Screening Process, Interview Questions to Ask and Avoid, and much more.


Departmental Access

Talent - Request for Waiver of Recruitment

Talent - Requisition Process

System Updates 4/8/2020


User Guides

Talent - Requisition Guide

Talent - Applicant Management Guide

Talent - User Provisioning Chart

Talent - User Requests

Talent - Offer Letter Guide

Talent - Search Committee Member Guide

Talent - Emails and Content

Talent - HR Requisition & Offer Approvers

Talent - Bookmarking Guide

Talent - Offer Letter Sections

User Videos

Talent - Creating a Requisition 

Talent - Approving a Requisition

Talent - Searching for a Requisition

Talent - Searching for Applicants

Talent - Navigating Applications

Talent - Dispositioning Applicants

Talent - Collecting References

Talent - Emailing Applicants

Talent - Editing Pending Requisitions

Talent - Scheduling Interviews

Talent - Interview Manager

Talent - Initiating and Building an Offer Letter

Talent - Routing an Offer Letter for Approval

Talent - Approving an Offer Letter

Talent - Sending an Offer Letter to a Candidate


Note Effective 1/24/2020:
  • The "Hiring Manager" field in the requisition is now used to list the Supervisor for the position rather than the Primary Owner.
  • List all your position numbers under the "Position Number" field (including the position number you used to create the requisition).

Hiring Your Finalist

Offer Letter Builders

Reference Check Form

Reference Check Guiding Principles

Background Checks

Recruitment/Employment Information

Recruitment Administration Guidelines

Hiring Process Overview

Employment of Children

Temporary Employment Services

Relocation Resources

University Staff - Educational & Experience Equivalencies

Diversity Commitments

Office of Institutional Equity

Office for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

Equal Employment Policy

Affirmative Action

Diversity Language in Postings

Conducting a Search

Search Committees

Advertising for a Position

Using a Search Firm

Recruitment Retention Checklist

Applicant Screening Matrix

Active Executive Searches

Out-of-State/International Employment

Above and Beyond Relocation Services

UA Recruitment Team Contacts

Main Campus

Dora Eamon - HR Analyst

Audelia Shay - Human Resources Specialist, Senior

Jackie Valenzuela - Human Resources Specialist, Senior

Tyler Kitchel - Human Resources Specialist

Endeliza Ramos - Manager, HR Recruitment & Outreach

Lisa Gundy - Director, HR Recruitment & Outreach


Ronald Cox - Human Resources Specialist, Senior

Phoenix Biomedical Campus

Jessica Tualla - Associate Human Resources Director, HR COM-Phoenix

Phoenix HR Team