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Our workforce is our greatest talent.

Explore the following resources that support fair and consistent hiring practices, source and grow talent, and foster diversity and inclusion across campus.

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UArizona Recruitment Team Contacts

Main Campus

Dora Eamon - Recruiter II

Audelia Shay - Recruiter II

Tyler Kitchel - Recruiter II

Elizabeth Lugo - Recruiter I

Sara Saeed - Recruiter I

Samantha Soto - Recruiter I

Bridget Davis - Recruiter I

Andrew Campbell - Talent Consultant

Endeliza Ramos - Manager, HR Recruitment & Outreach

Lisa Gundy - Director, HR Recruitment & Outreach


Kristi Bryner - Recruiter II

Phoenix Biomedical Campus

Jessica Tualla - Associate Human Resources Director, HR COM-Phoenix

Phoenix HR Team email